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the automated healthy fast-food chain

At vegetarian restaurant Eatsa, there are no waiters or counters, just iPads, a mobile app and a wall of transparent screens that act as pigeonholes!


Eatsa presents a novel automated fast food concept while using quality products, a concept that took more than 2 years to design.

Customers in the restaurant can place their orders on their mobile app or on in-store iPads.

You then collect your meal from a glass compartment, in under 5 minutes flat. The restaurant only serves vegetarian food, its aim being to provide healthy food for under $10 right in the centre of Manhattan.

Why visiting the restaurant ?

borne de commande

Order on a terminal or your mobile

Activating the service on the tablet is easy. You just swipe your payment card and your first name appears. You can start choosing your dishes or even create your own, as you like. Navigating on the tablet is very smooth, just like on the mobile app, which can also be used to place an order in the restaurant. Your paperless meal ticket is sent to your e-mail address in order to cut paper printouts.

Retirer sa commande derriere un écran

Collect your order from behind a glass screen

When your meal is ready, your name appears on a giant screen and you are guided to a numbered compartment, which is also a screen, but a transparent and tactile one. You just tap it twice to open it and collect your meal.

customise your lunch

Customize your food

When you return after several orders, the home screen on the tablet is customized according to your preferences. The principle is similar on the mobile app. Data is used as inspiration to create future dishes to be offered on the menu. Some dishes created by customers can also be offered to others if their buying habits are similar.

data driven

Identify one's customers easily

Your payment card is your identifier once you have used it for the first time on a terminal or on your mobile. You just swipe your payment card on the terminal and your first name appears, a more personal touch. The card identifies customers and suggests personalized meals to them.

des ingrédients de qualité

Quality food

Quite often fast food is associated with junk food, but here the mantra is healthy and balanced food organic produce and vegetarian menus, far removed from the stereotypes of American cuisine. The menus took nearly 2 years to develop in order to achieve the right balance between quality and price.

The experiment in Video

Eatsa in Pictures

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