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For your food shopping, switch to Dolce Vita mode

A supermarket? A restaurant? A catering school? A delicatessen? Eataly combines all these elements to showcase Italian gastronomy.

The concept


The concept

Since 2007 and its first store in Turin, Eataly reasserts its credo “mangi meglio, vivi meglio“ (eat better for a better life) whenever it opens a new one. Although the thirty or so stores around the world (Rome, Milan, Munich, Dubai, Tokyo, Genoa, São Paulo, Seoul, New York, etc.) all have their own architectural identity, they all develop the same concept: offer consumers high quality Italian products at affordable prices for as many people as possible.


With its perfectly executed merchandising, you are bound to find what you want when doing your shopping. From mozzarella to gianduja, not forgetting pasta machines and olive oil, you will also be surprised by the absence of global brands. Thanks to its partnership with Slow Food, an association that defends and preserves Italian culinary “terroirs”, Eataly sources its produce mainly from local producers.


However, Eataly is much more than a high-end supermarket. It’s above all a living environment. A store where the spectacle is permanent, with a surprise at each corner. When you approach one of the fresh produce counters, observe the staff at work. Mozzarella, pizzas and fresh pasta are prepared on the spot right in front of you. What better way to tantalize your taste buds. In Milan, the dramatization is taken even further. Eataly wants its customers to listen while doing their shopping or dining


One of the key points of the Eataly manifesto alone sums up the concept: “mangiare, comprare, studiare“ (eat, buy, study). The retailer wants to give meaning, show off its producers and the treasures of Italian cuisine. That being the case, it is only natural to let you attend cooking lessons in “La Scuola” or reserve an Italian wine-tasting session.


The success of the Eataly concept is driving it to open more outlets. In 2018 the retail chain plans to open a sales outlet in Paris via one with Galeries Lafayette. A fitting trip down memory lane, as at the time Eataly drew its inspiration from Lafayette Gourmet or La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché. They may be faithful to their concepts, but that doesn’t mean that they are not different. They perfectly illustrate all the differences between French and Italian gastronomy. A new experience to enjoy…

To do during the visit

Faire les courses

Doing one's shopping

Want to invite your friends for an Italian meal? In Eataly’s aisles you can find ingredients (fresh mozzarella, olive oil, gianduja, fresh fruit and vegetable, even wine) and utensils (coffee-maker, cutlery, pasta machine, etc.) or the books you need to prepare a successful meal.

Retourner à l'école

Back to school

If you are a beginner cook, just sign up for one of the cooking courses on offer. Then improve your technique in one of the store’s kitchens. The same goes for your children, who can take part in a master class with their school.

Observing the right gestures

The spectacle is permanent at Eataly. Approach the stands and observe the staff prepare fresh pasta, mozzarella or pizza in front of you. Feel free to ask them questions and discover their secrets.


Eating on the spot

When you have finished shopping, your mouth will probably be watering. Take advantage of one of the many areas available to eat in store. In New York, you can choose from among seven restaurants and four snack corners.

Make the most of the surroundings

Make the most of the surroundings

The Eataly stores are living environments with opening hours to match. Built in an old theatre, the Milan store features a circular stage for performers. An opportunity for you to do your shopping or have a meal against a background of music.

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