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Media Markt revolutionizes its spanish point of sale

Matthieu JOLLY
4 minutes

The Digital Store that favours experience and customer services.

The concept

Media Markt opened its first Digital Store in July 2016. In only 800 m2 of floor space, including 450 of selling space, the retailer deploys an urban concept that uses the latest technologies: RFID, touch screens, virtual reality, etc.

On the in-store screens and terminals you can consult a virtual catalogue of more than 20,000 items divided into four distinct sections: household appliances, computing, photograph and telephony. When you have made your choice, just go to checkout. Each screen features a built-in payment terminal. If the item is in stock, you can collect it within two minutes from one of the dedicated counters. The item is out of stock? The store then turns into a collection point open 24/7 thanks to the robot in the storefront. All you need to do is scan the QR code you have received on your smartphone then the doors open, even outside opening hours.

However, the Digital Store is much more than a mere digital point of sale like the experimental Argos store in London. Media Markt has opted to provide a very wide range of services to make your visit a unique and entertaining experience.

When you enter the store, you can for instance select the background music you want to hear. In opting for experimentation, the point of sale lets you discover the latest novelties such as virtual reality with the latest available headsets, HTC Vive or Sony’s VR Playstation. Innovations are indeed particularly well showcased with the use of RFID. When you pick up a product, the corresponding tutorials are displayed on a screen. A way of immersing yourself in technological innovation.

That said, you are not left alone in the store. As soon as you enter, the sales staff are there to provide information, assist you in how to use the terminals, and advise you. Just like in the Apple Stores, this store provides free training and lessons to show you how to use the equipment you have just purchased.

Hard to list all the services and attentions on offer. However, you will undoubtedly remember the interactive screen available to keep children occupied, even if you don’t have any. When the child has finished colouring in his car or plane, he can watch it drive or fly on a multiscreen wall. For even more immersion, he can replace the image of the pilot with a photograph of himself and thus fly the plane “for real”.

This very simple initiative alone sums up Media Markt’s Digital Store vision: on its own, technology creates nothing. But integrated into the customer relationship, it creates unique services that are vectors of differentiation. Enough to ensure the success of the concept? In any case, a second Digital Store should open shortly, in the center of Madrid.


Buying on a screen

You need a printer. Go to one of the interactive terminals or screens, leaf through the catalogue to find the printer you need. If you are unfamiliar with the digital world, don’t worry, a member of staff will spontaneously come and offer to help.

Collecting one's purchases

The Digital Store is also a collection point open 24/7 thanks to a robot. Unable to come and collect during opening hours? Scan the QR code on your phone to open the doors of the store and collect your parcel.

Discovering the services

You are greeted by the staff, coffee, training session, an area where you can recharge your smartphone, etc.; a range of in-store services with one aim in mind: make your visit as easy as possible.

Immersing customers

You like new technologies. Feel free to try them out in store and test them for real. For example, you can put on a headset and explore all the potential of virtual reality.

Keeping children occupied

You have come to do your shopping with your children. To keep them occupied, let them enjoy a recreational and immersive experience. After colouring in then scanning a boat or car, they will be thrilled to see it appear in the digital city on a giant dedicated screen.


Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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