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Deutsche Bank places human at the heart of the bank with Quartier Zukunft!

Matthieu JOLLY
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While retailers are wondering about the future of their points of sale, the German bank is proposing a future agency relegating the banking function to the background in favor of a hub of services to animate its communities. The goal is to massively return customers to the branch.

The concept

When the German bank opens in Berlin in 2008, its future agency called Q100, the iPhone is less than a year and no one imagines all the upheavals that will affect the banking sector in the coming decade. In hindsight, the emergence, overnight, of neo-banks associated with the deployment of digital services by the historic banks have accelerated a simple reality: the customer frequents less and less his bank branch!

In fact, the banks face the same question as supermarket chains: what points of sale whose profitability deteriorates over the years? Of course, staying still is not an option, but you still have to decide which way to go. All digital? Like Moby Mart, Auchan Box or Bingo Box, independent stores are appearing in city centers. In Denver and Minneapolis, Bank of America has been testing for two years now an automated format without employees.


Deutsche Bank interieur


Dedicated to changing a dated concept, Deutsche Bank has made with Quartier Zukunft a diametrically opposite choice by focusing on customer relations with a bank branch that is both digital and human. Just like the Maif Social Club in Paris or the Virgin Money Lounges in the UK, the goal is to bring customers back to the point of sale.

How ? By relegating the banking function to the background to offer new and different experiences likely to attract audiences who have been deserted agencies for a long time. Quartier Zukunft wants to bring together, in one and the same space, all the customers and prospects of the German bank: individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, startups, etc.

Shop Deutsche Bank


The bias is to transform a conventional banking agency into a hub of services for the neighborhood and the community. Visitors can have lunch on site, buy products in pop-up stores, work in the coworking space or in the indoor garden, book a room for creativity or discover the different partnerships or solutions for business. commitment developed by Deutsche Bank. A drop-in center is also available to customers so that they can attend a workshop or meet their advisor in peace.

Faced with this offer, the position of the advisor changes diametrically. No more waiting for the customer behind his desk. Free of his movements, he circulates in space and goes into contact with consumers to help them. Thanks to this human relationship, he will be able to convert clients and succeed in transforming the flow of customers naturally created by the concept. As the latest trend report Innovez Service Centric: Back to Human! Finished technology for technology. So if you go through Berlin, do not hesitate to pass the door of Quartier Zukunft to discover this perfect illustration of a customer relationship reviewed and corrected.

Why visit the store?

déjeuner ou diner

Lunch or have a coffee!

Do not hesitate to come for a coffee break or lunch at the agency. Q Café awaits you with regional cuisine and seasonal dishes.

Rencontrer un conseiller bancaire

Meet a bank advisor

Quartier Zukunft remains a bank branch! For your appointment, go into the coworking space or, for a more involved project, into a privacy room.

Faire garder ses enfants

To have your children kept

You do not need to pay a babysitter to keep your child when you go to the bank. When you arrive, drop it off at the Q Kids Space.


Work, co-create on the spot

Take advantage of the coworking space to work on site or reserve the space of creativity to relocate.

Découvrir partenariats

Discover the products of the partners

On the set of the agency, take the time to discover the shop space but also the latest partnerships and initiatives of the bank in terms of technology and commitment.

Deustche Bank

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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