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Matthieu JOLLY
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In the heart of Paris, Mon Atelier En Ville re invents the Do It Yourself experience

DIY and creative hobbies require a lot of space… which city dwellers really lack of… Therefore the idea of offering a space equipped with professional tools where they can give life to their projet comes as an evidence.

Concept : Urban DIY without drawbacks

A few years ago, Baudoin de Metz asked his friend Sébastien Mathieu to help him build a made to measure set of shelves in his lounge room. Even if the result reach their expectations, the project turned into a nightmare due to dust, noise, efforts, smell of paint…

The idea of Mon Atelier En Ville was born ! Offering to city dwellers a workshop open to everyone in self-service, fully equipped with professional tools so that they can achieve their projects “like being at home” but without facing the drawbacks. 

mon atelier en ville un concept de service

Open right in the heart of Paris, everyday from 8am to 10pm,  the space 250 sqm welcomethe DIY lovers on 2 levels and offer more than 50 types of activities such as wood carpentry, framing, photography, floral art, jewels making, painting, stained glass making or 3D printing and cutting with laser.

Everyone can come with his project and people are charged by the time spent in the workshop : 15€ for an 1 hour, 220€ for 10 hours, etc.
For those struggling to have ideas, we can find a “ideas corner” in order to get inspiration. Very open and careful, Sébastien and Baudoin accompany their clients, help them realize their project with the best technics and tools. To complete this help, additional services are being offered : storage of the product being built up, home delivery of the product once completed, purchase of material at professional stores…

The social logic behind the project is also very important. Clients can use raw material for free given by partners such as Leroy Merlin ou Décor Plus. Another aspect of social dimension is the fact that professionals and amateurs are both coming to the workshop. These professionals from all specialties (architects, designers, carpenters…) represent about 40% of the clients and are being attracted by the quality of the tools, the modularity and the availability of the space as well as the exchanges with non professionals.  Some young people have succeed to sign a apprenticeship contract after meeting some professional at Mon Atelier En Ville. On top of that, the workshop offers team building sessions !

People who came to Mon Atelier En Ville totally adopted it. It really shows that by surfing on the drivers of consumer spending – Réalisation, Socialisation and Facilitation – the space is a perfect illustration of a point of sale that adapts itself to the needs and constraints of XXI century consumers. We can only wish now that they expend the concept to other areas in Paris, and to other cities in France and abroad. 

Why visiting the workshop


Rent a workshop

No more excuses for not Doing It Yourself ! Mon Atelier En Ville is open daily from 8am to 10pm. You will find a personal workspace with a lot of modularity, including tool box, electrical tools, and all the necessary material you possibly need.

Pay per time spent

You only pay the time that you spend at the workshop. 1 hour, 10 hours or 40 hours… you are the only judge. But don’t forget that Baudoin and Sebastien are here to help you !

Be as creative as you want

Carpentry, framing, 3D printing, Jewelry making, Photo shoot or cutting with a laser… there are more than 50 different activities possible at Mon Atelier En Ville. There are no limits to your creativity

Benefit from dedicated services

To ease DIY, you can use the various services offered by Mon Atelier En Ville : Storage, purchase of raw material, delivery…  you can even use the free products given by partners

Share a good moment with your kids

with the « Ateliers de l’Atelier », adults and children can learn sewing, carpentry, welding, or 3D printing. This is the end of the classic necklace made of pastas for mother’s day 🙂

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