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Club Lynk & Co, a living space uniting a community around car sharing.

Matthieu JOLLY
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Why buy a car if you don’t drive a lot? The Sino-Swedish brand offers you to rent it … then sublet it when you don’t need it. A disruptive approach that perfectly embodies the Clubs a thousand miles from the car dealerships of the past century.

Lynk & Co, the concept

Offer a mobility solution and no longer sell a car! The bet of the Sino-Swedish brand founded in 2016 is on the way to success. With today more than nine out of ten customers who lease and sub-lease their vehicle instead of buying it, it is transforming the automotive industry in the long term. Logic therefore that by opening her first Club in Amsterdam, she decided to break the codes of the car dealership.

Indeed, within the 500m², the vehicle gives way to a café, a shop, an event or coworking space. In short, a real trendy place to live that brings together a community of motorists gathered around the use and not the possession of a car.

Why do you absolutely have to visit this store?

Discover the Lynk & Co 01

If you do not yet know the first born of the Sino-Swedish brand, go through the door of the Club to sit at the wheel of the 01, the Rechargeable hybrid SUV. Convinced? All you have to do is choose your color: black or electric blue.

Choose between buying or renting

Why buy a car if you are a small wheeler? Opt for a monthly subscription of €500 and 1250 kilometres, insurance and maintenance included. To keep the bill down, sublet your 01 to community members when you don’t need it.

Living to the rhythm of the community

The Club is made for you! Have a coffee at the bar, sit on a sofa to chat with your friends, watch a parade or enjoy a DJ set… events to share with the community Lynk & Co.

Have fun but also work on site

Because there is more to life than pleasure, the Club includes a coworking space including a connected meeting room to allow you to organize your meetings and videoconferences.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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