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At Sensee, buy your glasses seamlessly online and/or offline

Matthieu JOLLY
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A committed frame of mind, a collection Made in France, simplified distribution with no more intermediaries… Since 2015, Sensee has appealed to consumers looking for unprecedented value for money. In a very real sense, transparency and trust are the brand’s watchwords.


The concept

Sensee has turned the eyewear market upside down in France since its repositioning in 2015. Created on the Internet, the brand quickly adopted the bricks-and-mortar model by opening stores but always retaining its core values of transparency and modernity.

Sensee now sells a range of 100% French frames. While the models are designed in Paris by Sensee’s teams, the glasses are made by artisan spectacle-makers based in the Jura, or more precisely in Oyonnax.

Unusually, this quality craftsmanship is not reflected in the customer’s bill ! Sensee’s mission is to create and make stylish glasses at a price that anyone can afford. Customers can buy a pair of glasses for 59 euros, lenses included!

This tour de force is made possible by cutting out intermediaries. Sensee designs, produces and sells its glasses directly on its web site, and more recently in its stores. Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse… with their glass storefronts, the retail outlets reflect the brand’s DNA and its constant search for transparency.

This philosophy is also mirrored in the brand’s advertising campaigns with messages that convey the exact opposite of its competitors. “You are 65 ? You won’t get a 65 % discount !” is one such advertisement in the Paris Metro.

Enough to quickly boost brand awareness and acquire new customers intrigued by this UFO launched by Marc Simoncini, the founder of Meetic. After disrupting the singles dating market, he has given himself ten years to break through, his mantra being “above all you shouldn’t be an optician to launch into the eyewear market”. Time will show if he was right.

Why visiting the store ?

Play darts

While walking along the street, you stop in front of the store to play darts. If your score is low, go inside… you probably need a new pair of glasses.

Calculate the price of your glasses

In the store, you can work out the price of your glasses easily and intuitively. Choose your frame, note down its price on the yellow form, choose your lenses and add any other options you may want. Add it all up to find out the price of your pair of glasses.

Test different types of lenses

At a dedicated counter you can test different lenses and compare their respective benefits. For instance, slide the varifocal lens under the UV lamp and see it darken then return to normal.

Try them at home

You are still hesitating between a round and a square frame. Have four pairs delivered to you at home! You have ten days to try them and choose one if you so wish.

Enjoy the off-beat ads

For two years now Sensee has assumed its quirky positioning. In the street, enjoy identifying the competitors the brand gently makes fun of in its poster campaigns.

Testimonial of Sensee's Managing Director

Sensee in pictures

Matthieu JOLLY
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