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Matthieu JOLLY
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Based on the ’Store of the Future’, concept presented by Farfetch, the store marks the retailer’s debut into augmented retail. From it’s beginning, Browns has a strong heritage in innovation showcasing pioneering creators. But here, technology is invisible here, concentrated in the hand of sellers.

The store features an entirely concept which can easily be changed, thereby offering customers a new experience each time they come to see and buy the Browns edit.


renew their wardrobe

As a true fashionista, fashion is everything to you. Do not miss any of the latest trends and come regularly to the shop to discover the latest collections. The offer is renewed every three to four weeks.

Enjoy a VIP experience

Upstairs, two dressing rooms welcome you if you are a VIP of the brand. Inside, your experience is particularly personalized thanks to a connected screen that communicates with salesman’s tablets.

Test an olfactory and sound installation

Upstairs, enter an artistic installation to discover the range of Timothy Han perfumes by simulating three of your senses: sight, hearing and smell.

Have a drink at the bar

Once your purchases are made, take a break at the bar for a moment of relaxation and, if you feel like it, try one of the detox drinks on offer.

Buy an work of art

Browns East store is also an art gallery. Enjoy your visit to discover new artists and why not buy an original work.

The store in pictures

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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