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Best Buy: a new very new-yorker store

Bertrand Leseigneur
4 minutes

The electronics store chain Best Buy recently opened its latest New York store. Completely redesigned to be close to the city and its inhabitants, this 3 floors retail outlet offers all the services and products needed by connected customers in the city.

We find the classic recipes of a Best Buy store with its Geek Squad, its curbside pickup and its branded mini stores for Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and others.

The concept

Best Buy Co., Inc. is an American consumer electronics retailer. The company was founded in 1966 and now has nearly 1,000 stores and 100,000 employees.

Best Buy is the largest speciality retailer of consumer electronics in the United States and ranks 72nd on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. companies in terms of revenue.

This store is important because it was designed during a period of store closure due to Covid. The pandemic played a crucial role in the company’s strategy and future.

First of all, Best Buy started by closing all its stores in March 2020, except for curbside pickup orders. In doing so, Best Buy was able to see how many orders had to be executed online and how many click&collect orders were requested by geographic area and thus have a more detailed view of the needs of its customers.

Then, in May, Best Buy went further in its experiences, opening stores only open by appointment.

Finally, Best Buy announced the reduction of its sales space to convert four Best Buy test stores into distribution centers. This decision is part of CEO Corie Barry’s overall plan to create or transform up to 450 “order preparation” stores in the coming years.

Best Buy therefore lays the foundation for a modernized omnichannel store operating system, a system in which the store is an optimized asset within the supply chain.

In its new store, Best Buy wanted to show this transformation by mixing the showroom model and an omnichannel warehouse in the back.

Why visit the store?

1 – A New-Yorker store that adapts to the times

The people of New York are curious, demanding and in a hurry. The store was designed in their image.

Like Target, the store is designed for New York by offering to quickly find all the essentials of New York in a hurry in the field of audio, photography, home appliances or gaming on PC.

And the vibe of the times in New York is vlogging or content creation for TikTok. So the store has everything planned for video enthusiasts.

The air of the day is also health. And in this area too, Best Buy is very present. Home sports developed during the pandemic and the equipment is now in stores.

2 – To discover all that Best Buy offers in store

In a Best Buy store you will find consumer electronics products of course but also and especially its famous Geek Squads, these troubleshooting teams that go to customers to troubleshoot, install or replace your electronic equipment. They are also in store to offer quick and inexpensive repairs and the space reserved for them is very important in the store.

You can also virtually sign up for a queue to meet a Geek Squad specialist or to meet one of the sellers and buy the product of your dreams.

The store also has its own touch screens to navigate its 3 floors and quickly find what you are looking for.

3 – To discover the new Best Buy Beta program

Best Buy is testing a new paid subscription service that will offer exclusive benefits, including concierge technical assistance and exclusive rates. The subscription service, which costs about $200 a year, is similar to Amazon Prime, as the electronics store is looking to expand its services outside of selling consumer technology products.

Best Buy Beta, gives members access to many benefits, including free standard shipping, unlimited technical support from the Geek Squad, exclusive member rates and a 60-day product return date. Best Buy has confirmed that beta members will also have 24/7 access to a concierge team, which they can contact by phone, email, chat or via the Best Buy mobile app.

4 – Becoming an Emeritus Podcaster

80 million Americans listen to podcasts each week and on average they listen to 8 podcasts per week. The store therefore offers a set of products adapted to the creation (or listening) of podcast. This is one of the most important parts of the store.

5 – To buy Hubert Joly’s book

The Frenchman Hubert Joly was for several years the big boss of Best Buy.

Since he left his role as CEO, he remains omnipresent within the Board of Directors…and in the hearts of employees.

His latest book is the only book for sale in the New York store!

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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