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Bertrand Leseigneur
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Since few months, America First, a bank located in Utah, is testing the relevance of its innovative services. Echangeur tested it. Here is the report of our correspondent.



The bank, America First, in Utah opened an agency in the heart of a mall, mid 2016, in the hope of finding potential beta-testers. The concept is simple : show all of the innovations that the bank is currently working on.


Whether it be to do with the ATM of the future of making appointments with a client advisor, everything is able to be tested in the agency. In order to gain feedback, all potential customer is asked to fill in a short questionnaire concerning their experience. The agency employees are available to write down and take note of the suggestions and remarks that were made during their conversations with the clients.

If a technology doesn’t seem convincing, the bank abandons the idea. Clients can, of course, carry out their personal financial operations with out having to test the technology because this laboratory is also a functional agency.

Why visiting the bank ?

A calm & relaxing atmosphere

First line of work, the agency atmosphere : using the vibes of a hotel lounge, in an open area. However, the different shades of blue, referencing new technologies, can add a chilly, cold tone to the atmosphere.

Try out the bank of tomorrow

The bank of tomorrow, thought out by America First, identifies and puts you in touch with the right contact person for all financial projects, even if the visitor isn’t a client of the agency. You can therefor, with the help of virtual consoles, have an online meeting with a customer advisor via video conference. The meetings are private with one simple push of a button, the windows become tinted and the sound is blocked from the outside giving you complete discretion !

Discover financial services interactively

A large tactile table showcases the different financial services that the bank provides. To check them out, simply place a RFID captor representing a chosen service on the table to get a detailed presentation. These tables are equipped with directional loudspeakers which allow you to listen to the information with out disturbing the people around you.

Avoid disrupting customer habits

The bank wishes to showcase its new innovations, without abandoning their customers less accustomed to new technologies.

Therefor, as well as introducing its new ATMs, the bank provides the traditional ones. With the new cash machines, the customer can deposit money or checks : the machine counts the banknotes and automatically recognizes the amount written on the check. This is interesting when we know that each desk deposit costs the bank 65 cents, compared to 8 cents at an ATM and 3 cents when using a mobile app.

Eventually, the client will be able to withdraw money from these machines without their bank card, using the banks mobile app in order to receive a personal access code.

Live the experience in video

Visit the bank with photos

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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