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Amazon, the 5 announcements for 2021!

Bertrand Leseigneur
5 minutes

Amazon continues to accelerate the deployment of its “Just Walk Out” technology and its Amazon Go spaces. The latest collaboration to date: the implementation of an Amazon Go within a Starbucks. This cohabitation makes this new space a hybrid co-working place in NYC!
Amazon has unsheathed its entire payment arsenal including biometric payment. Is the future of payment shaping up to be without a smartphone? Either way, the consumer gets used to a seamless customer journey. What could be more bizarre now than to end up at the cash register! The biggest news, which we have heard little about this year, is also the opening of two customer insight collection sites through two programs: the Amazon Shopper Panel and Amazon TasteMakers.

5-point wrap-up

1 . Move to a new co-working space

The announcement when Starbucks and Amazon have teamed up to jointly open a retail space of around 80m2 has caused quite a stir. What surprises the most? This hybrid space is also positioned as a place of co-working . Free WiFi, comfortable spaces where you can plug in your phone or laptop. Without forgetting that the nomadic worker must also eat or drink coffee! With Amazon Go , he therefore has a on-site fast food offer . Located at the back of the retail space, Amazon Go leaves a lot more room for customers than in a regular Amazon Go with a slightly lighter product offering. This allows customers to take their time and enjoy a coffee they have ordered online or from the Starbucks app.

More conventionally, the customer can also come and collect their Starbucks order placed online at the counter located at the entrance.

2. Pay with the palm of your hand!

For several months, Amazon has been testing palm recognition , namely:

  • To access some of its Amazon Go stores, then pay: no longer need to take out your laptop!
  • Either to pay in its Amazon Books and Amazon 4 stars stores with terminals Amazon One

To do this, simply go to an Amazon Go store and register with the palm of your hand using the dedicated terminals located at the entrance of the point of sale .

The process is quite simple:

  • You must first insert your bank card
  • Then you pass the palm of your hand over the reader to register it!

Once this is done, enter your mobile telephone number on the terminal to receive the confirmation message for your registration :

Then you can use your palm to enter an Amazon Go store . Payments will then be debited to the credit card associated with your palm. Consumers can do their shopping without a wallet and without a smartphone!

If you wish, you can then link your palm to your Amazon account from the website.

Note: all questions relating to the storage of data related to this biometric fingerprint, please refer to the site of Amazon One when registering.

3. Choose your easiest payment method for you!

Now, 3 options are available to pay at checkout in 4 Stars or Amazon Book stores.

  • a payment terminal by classic card on the right,
  • a screen in the middle to display the QR Code of the store . By scanning it with your phone, you log into your Amazon account: you can then proceed to payment from your smartphone.
  • Finally on the left, a palm reader which allows, as we have seen previously, to make a payment.

4. Buy your Christmas toys at Amazon pop-up store

During the Christmas season, Amazon has opened a pop-up store in New York . The purpose of this store is clear: to showcase partner toy brands, as Amazon does on its website. When you walk into the store, you have the impression of entering a Amazon 4 stars , a lot of products all over the place and without any real organization. You just have to go behind the payment area to discover a hidden room in which children (and adults) can have fun and take photos in mini-scenes of their favorite heroes (and toy brands).

4 different scenes are offered and of course there are prizes to be won if you take pictures in these 4 spaces.

5. Be recruited from one of the two “product” communities powered by Amazon

The biggest news, which we have heard little about this year, is the opening of two customer insight collection sites by Amazon through two programs: Amazon Shopper Panel & nbsp; and Amazon TasteMakers .

These two tools are open to Amazon customers in the United States, by invitation only. Amazon has yet to provide any information on the reasons for choosing its beta testers.

The Amazon Shopper Panel is a program where participants can earn rewards by sharing their invoices for purchases made during the month (excluding purchases made at Amazon or Whole & nbsp; Foods) and by responding to short polls.

You just need to take 10 photo purchase receipts per month and upload them to the app. You will earn $ 10 on your Amazon account regardless of the purchase amount or you can request that this $ 10 be donated to a charity of your choice from the list offered by Amazon (Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross for example).

You can also earn 25 cents by answering very short surveys (usually one question) each month on products or interests.

Amazon says customer engagement helps brands deliver better products and make Amazon ads more relevant.

Amazon TasteMakers for its part concerns customers of Amazon Go stores. By invitation only, the site seeks to collect their product preferences.

The site offers surveys in the form of open questions: what is the type of product sought in store, what is their frequency of visits to Amazon Go, what is their level of knowledge of the products offered at the point of sale or even what kind of products might interest customers.

As a member of the community, the customer can receive preview information on “& nbsp; tech & nbsp;” news Amazon stores as well as new products to test.

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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