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A partnership between Amazon and Calvin Klein for a brand new concept store in NYC!

Bertrand Leseigneur
4 minutes

Calvin Klein x Amazon Fashion

For Christmas, Amazon has partnered with Calvin Klein to open a new type of store, that offers an exclusive collection of Calvin Klein Clothes exclusively available at Amazon.


Amazon launched a new partnership with  Calvin Klein and opened 2 pop up stores in Los Angeles and New York for the end of the year celebrations. The store offers a selection of Calvin Klein clothes only available on Amazon.

This offline initiative is being completed by a dedicated website


You can purchase in store or scan the product that you want directly with your mobile Amazon app and then ask for it to be delivered at home. Here, like it is already the case with Amazon bookstore, there is no price on the products.Use your phone to order You need to check the prices on the app. On the app you can also have the reviews of the previous customers on the product Finally, the prices are of course, the same as the ones online. Showrooming is therefore not an option anymore ! For Amazon, the store of the future does not display prices !



What’s the interest of this pop up store?

For Calvin Klein, which is a trendy and cool brand, it shows that it remains modern by testing new ways of shopping. Calvin Klein can then propose an immersive customer experience to its clients without needing to re invent the client experience or developing a technology since they are already offered by Amazon.exclusive to Amazon




For Amazon, this new concept store allows them to show to department stores that despite the fact that they are a e-business, they maintain very good relationships with their suppliers. This good relationship authorizes them to imagine new types of point of sales by offering exclusive collections to Amazon clients.

Why visiting the store

Cabine d'essayage Calvin Klein

Get changed in a fitting room controled by Amazon Echo

The fitty room is not only flashy with LED but is also equipped with  Amazon Echo. You can then control light intensity, or play the music of your choice while trying on your selection of clothes. You can also ask questions to Alexa on products available in the store.

We know how Amazon like to communicate and to showcase its technological innovations. With the collaboration with Calvin Klein, we have here a great example: Promoting a technological device in a fitting room is certainly a very original approach.

Contact Los Angeles Store

Talk with other clients using video chat

Other technological gadgets of Amazon are displayed in various areas of the stores. You do a video call with other clients in the store in LA. You aree in New York and you want to know if the new Calvin Klein pair of trunks will be perfect for your next parties in LA ? You can discuss this directly with someone in the LA store.

Amazon Fashion

Customise your purchase

There a sewing station in the store so that you can decide to personalize your purchases. You want to add up a special note or a small logo on your Calvin Klein t-shirt, this is no problem ! A few minutes after ordering, your text will be printed on your clothes. Perfect gift for Xmas.

Commander avec l'app

Purchase with your mobile phone

You came to the store without your wallet ? No worries, you can pay with Amazon mobile app on your smartphone. 

You can decide to buy directly by paying on your phone or by paying at the cash desk. For this you only need to scan a QR code placed near the cash register from your Amazon app. This way you show to the staff that you are an Amazon client, and that your Amazon account will be invoiced directly. Also you can scan the bar code of a product displayed in the store and order it online to be delivered directly at home.

shoot instore your video clip

Shoot your own video clip in the store

There is a dedicated space in the store to shoot short films to then upload them on social networks. Create a video for instagram thanks to an Amazon Gadget is extremely easy. You just need to enter your email address to receive the content to share. You’ll then only need to pose near the printed giant models to complete your video !


Live the experience in pictures

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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