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Zei: the digital solution for your environmental and social impact approach

Elisabeth MENANT
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Zei is a digital solution built as a 360° toolbox currently helping more than 2600 companies to progress and communicate their environmental and social impact.

How does your solution work and what are the benefits for customers and retailers?

Zei is a digital solution made up of 5 blocks of features that can be activated independently according to the needs and maturity of its users in the deployment of their impact strategy.

Measure : Zei automatically selects and prioritises the most important environmental, social and governance indicators for any company according to its sector, size and specificities. Thanks to this feature, any company can identify its strengths and areas for improvement.

Progress : Zei currently has more than 500 concrete solutions in its catalogue that can be used at any time by its users to progress in their environmental and social strategy.

Involve : Zei allows any company to communicate its CSR commitments and objectives internally, to invite its employees to suggest solutions and to involve them in awareness campaigns by email.

Communicate : Zei allows its users to have a public profile to communicate its environmental and social commitments to customers and other stakeholders.

Federate : Zei allows its users to create one or more networks in order to monitor the progress of its internal entities (subsidiaries, sites, etc.) and its external partners (subcontractors, suppliers).

Some business cases

Lacroix Group

The aim was to build a long-term environmental and social strategy with its subsidiaries. Zei solutions was used to improve understanding of environmental and social issues, collect actions and good practices from different subsidiaries.


How assess its CSR strategy and communicate transparently its commitments and objectives validated by a trusted third party?

The startup identified improvement areas, assess credibility of CSR strategy and differentiation points from competitors.

Malakoff Humanis

Challenge was collect environmental and societal data from its partners to provide them with a human capital index, to further development of the CSR strategy.


Zei assisted the company in the collect ESG data from its participations (investment fund), to carry out its annual ESG reporting and provide its participants with a tool to help them progress in their ESG strategy.

About the startup

Zei is a digital solution built as a 360° toolbox currently helping more than 2600 companies to progress and communicate their environmental and social impact.

It is based on 5 blocks of features, to help its customers in the development, and communication, of their CSR issues.

Elisabeth MENANT
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