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The start-up iStaging offers turnkey digital solutions (mobile apps with VR headsets, web publisher, 3D digitizing) for estate agents, creators of furniture, builders, property developers and interior designers, according to their specific and distinct practices.

These innovative solutions let their users create, view and share exclusive immersive experiences and increase their marketing and sales efficiency tenfold.

Technological innovation


3 pillars of innovation :

An unprecedented technological core, underpinned by more than 16 proprietary Real/Augmented Virtuality patents developed by iStaging for use on Google’s Tango tablet [iStaging is Google’s partner in that capacity]. The start-up has thus succeeded in offering its customers an affordable and simple production method for virtual and augmented reality content.


Powerful tools such as the recognition of an indoor environment, real-time 3D mapping, for limitless realistic layout possibilities, and for integrating furniture true to scale in augmented reality, or even virtual viewing in interaction with the environment, thanks to unequalled quality and 3D modelling and rendering times.


Adaptation to new uses, as iStaging technologies address new consumer patterns and customer needs: Cost control with the virtualization of brand environments and content, Instantaneousness by creating disruptive viewing and layout experiences immediately, all intended to reach a wider audience.


4 main B2B targets:

iStaging solutions are more particularly aimed at:

  • Estate agents, to create virtual viewings of properties for sale and thereby save time.
  • Furniture designers, to let their customers try out their products directly at home, thanks to augmented reality deployed on the Tango technology of its partner Google.
  • Property developers, who will be able to transform their floor plans into immersive virtual viewings.
  • Interior designers, so that they can enable their customers to visualize their design ideas more easily in augmented or virtual reality.


The benefits of innovation:

Companies using iStaging solutions have the guarantee of working with simple and intuitive tools exploiting all that is best in Real/Augmented Virtuality technology, a veritable guarantee of differentiation. By offering instantaneous productions based on very high-quality creations, the time and money savings are self-evident and offer shorter completion times. Proximity with the customer is central to the experience, and the technology enhances the company’s image of modernity and its commercial efficiency.

For the final customer, it is the assurance of a tailor-made real-estate project, consolidated in record time.



The biggest estate agency in Taiwan, with nearly 4,000 agents, uses the augmented reality solution to virtually “stage” their customers’ flats during the viewing. The video below clearly explains how property immersion is put into practice in this business case.



AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkiAAAAJGM0NjgzY2VlLTU3NzUtNDY2ZS05NDI5LTQ4N2ZlY2UxODk1MACreated in 2014, iStaging Corp has its head office in Taipei, Taiwan and employs 40 staff. It operates on 3 main markets: Asia, Europe, and the USA, through two sales offices in Paris and Redwood in California. iStaging is a technological partner of Google, HTC and Lenovo distinguished itself by being awarded the first prize of $100,000 at the APEC Global Challenge 2015 by winning the “2015 International Online Startup of the Year” competition organized by, and by coming first in the APICTA Awards.

As iStaging’s commercial approach consists in bringing augmented and virtual reality into general use from a product angle for property professionals, their solutions are affordable as they cost roughly one tenth of the price of other solutions developed by the competition.

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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