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VELOU allows you to immediately find the item of your dreams

Matthieu JOLLY
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The AI assistant for E-commerce!

The startup’s solution allows e-tailers to improve their conversion rate and boost their turnover by adjusting their product descriptions and attributes based on an analysis of the terms customers have entered in the website’s search bar. In practical terms, it allows customers to find items that precisely match their search criteria, whether the latter are physical or usage related. Without even realising it, consumers on the web therefore enjoy a quality of service identical to that offered by sales advisers in physical stores.


Technological Innovation

The solution takes search and discovery experience to the next level. Thanks to it, E-commerce retailers see a 95% increase in efficiency and 30% increase in revenue!

Using AI, natural language processing, behavorial analysis and advanced computer vision infused with domain knowledge, it analyses product images and text and then predict attributes enriching product catalogs and introducing advanced search.

  • AI automation auto-enhances the number and precision of product tagging in real time
  • Product Data Enrichment using machine learning models trained for each industry.
  • Natural Language Processing (similar to chatGPT) responds intuitively to queries and shows the relevant products.
  • Dynamic Facets & Filters for customers narrow down their choices easily using navigation.

Positive feedback loop to automatically get into account the customers search queries to adapt retailer’s product description and attributes to optimise the conversion rate.

Démo avec vs sans VELOU


“The [Velou] product is so much more than just the search solution but something to more deeply enrich your data that can add a ton of functionality and depth to a product or retail offering just outside of search, through that data enrichment.”

Tristan Rees  |  Chief Technology Officer @ Armoire

“The biggest advantage of using Velou was their data enrichment solution adding attributes to all of our products. If we had to do it manually, a huge effort would have been required due to the volume of products that we add on a daily basis.”

Sagi Cohen  |  Product Owner @

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Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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