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Elisabeth MENANT
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Tilkal is a 4.0 traceability and transparency software platform for industrial sectors. Combining blockchain and big data technologies, the Tilkal platform makes it possible to extend and facilitate the collection and exchange of traceability data between actors, while ensuring their auditability. On this basis, Tilkal analyzes the supply chain from end to end and identifies the important facts to improve the overall functioning of the sector, in particular by responding to the challenges of transparency, compliance and operational optimization.

  1. A decentralized network (blockchain) for the confidential collection and sharing of data between actors in a supply chain / sector
  2. A business platform (SaaS) for end-to-end supply chain monitoring and analysis in real time (detection of anomalies, reports, alerts, KPIs, end-to-end follow-up of recalls)
  3. Dedicated B2B mobile applications to digitize data in the field
  4. A configurable web app bringing transparency to the consumer


They are convinced that it is now essential for committed manufacturers to bring together marketing, operations and CSR in order to make them a lever for competitiveness.

By providing 360-degree control of all aspects of traceability, Tilkal feeds into CSR reporting, creates operational control throughout the chain, and enhances the brand. This convergence is key to providing the transparency demanded by consumers and responding to new regulatory challenges.

Some Business cases


Make visible the flows and stocks of children’s milk in China.

Integration of 120+ level 1 and 2 wholesale warehouses in China, analysis of the product journey from factory to purchase and logistical gaps, collecting information on the history of the product.


Secure the traceability of raw materials as part of the inward processing regime.

Implementation of an automated monitoring of the consumption of the batches of raw material concerned, extraction of summaries for sharing with partners, metrics & associated alert system.



Offer radical transparency on cosmetic and hygiene products

Traceability solution deployed in 4 months for more than 150 product references. Implementation of a consumer application offering transparency on the product journey.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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