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SPAREKA extend the life of your appliances

Elisabeth MENANT
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50 million tons of household appliance waste are generated each year worldwide (UN 2020). 56% of broken appliances are not repaired (ADEME 2012). For the past ten years, SPAREKA‘s mission has been to enable everyone to extend the life of their appliances to save them from the trash. How do we do this? By offering tutorials to guide customers to repair their appliances, by having a catalog of 8 million spare parts and by innovating to easily identify the origin of the breakdown.

How does your solution work and what are the benefits for customers?

was created in 2012 based on a conviction of its founder and leader, Geoffroy Malaterre: “Everyone has already found themselves, powerless, facing their leaking washing machine. I founded Spareka to enable self-repair and give power and independence back to consumers. Today, close to the government, manufacturers and associations, we defend the right to repair. So for the sake of our planet and our wallet, let’s take back the tools and repair instead of throwing them away!” 

In March 2020, Spareka is recognized as a company with impact and raises 5 million euros to accelerate its growth, promote the right to repair in France and Europe, and become a marketplace.

A true service platform, SPAREKA wants to support companies in their transformation towards a more circular model by putting repair at the heart of their innovation strategies to address 4 challenges: 

Improving the customer experience in the event of a breakdown by offering self-repair to customers with out-of-warranty breakdowns and also by accompanying the customer via relevant paths on the web and in store.

Improving the efficiency of after-sales services thanks to a visio tool for pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, repair support, installation and also a widget solution.

Improving the reparability of company’s own brands by improving the availability of spare parts for their products and private labels and the reparability index of their products.

– Communication on the group’s CSR commitment

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Some business cases

An exemple of collaboration with Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin, a French retailer specialized in home improvement, contacted Spareka to work on four issues:

-developing the reparability of products

communicate on the reparability of private label products

improving the customer experience and satisfaction in case of breakdown

unclogging the after-sales service

To do this, the startup set up a website similar to their own website and 100% customizable, adapted to Leroy Merlin customers. They have integrated a specific pedagogy proposing breakdown diagnoses, video tutorials to help repairing appliances. And finally, thanks to the website, Spareka has been able to provide support to customers outside the warranty period.

All these solutions have enabled Spareka to repair 31,654 appliances, 103 tutorials have been created and 9,621 customers have been helped in 2020.


An improved reparability index of Hisence products

Hisence Group is a Chinese company that is a market leader in televisions, radios, home appliances, air conditioners and cell phones. Its main problem was to improve the reparability of their productsTo do this, Spareka made their diagnostic tools available on Hisence’s website, and included spare parts storage in the calculation of the reparability index. They also referenced all of the Hisense catalogs on

Following this operation, the reparability index of the Hisence’s products was increased by 2 points out of 10.


A more efficient after sale service at Save

Save specializes in the repair of smartphones approved by manufacturers. They wanted to improve the efficiency of their after sales serviceTo do this, Spareka set up a pre-diagnosis of breakdowns via video managed by SPAREKA technicians. Out of 1500 tickets, 37.2% of the interventions were avoided (warranty exclusions, remote repair, economically un-repairable, damage not noted, part not available…), 97.5% of the orders for parts made following the video were correct and the average time for resolving a case was reduced by 7 days. 

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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