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Shipup transform post-purchase experience in e-commerce

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
2 minutes

Post-purchase technology for online retailers!

Shipup creates a branded, reassuring and intuitive post-purchase experience. Turn one-time buyers into loyal shoppers while streamlining your customer support.

Discover the video presentation of the startup by clicking here!

How does your solution works and what are the benefits for customers and retailers?

A post-purchase experience that online shoppers will remember!

It allows to send proactive and personalized notifications to customers at every step of the way from order to delivery. Retailers can create a custom tracking page on their own e-commerce site.

Support agent efficiency is improved and tickets are reduced. Responding to delivery tickets can be arduous. Shipup gives to support agents unique features so they can quickly and proactively resolve delivery issues.

Valuable insights into shipping operations. The startup brings transparency and efficiency to logistics with customizable dashboards and reports. The aim is to leverage delivery data to build better operations.

With the solution, you can estimated delivery date in a smart and precise way. The conversion rate at checkout is improved, by displaying smart delivery estimate.

Some business cases...

Shipup works with more than 300 brands in Europe and North America, some of which are very successful digitally native brands (Cheerz, Birchbox …) while others are larger, more traditional accounts (Carrefour, Go Sport, Yves Rocher…).


The aim was to decrease delivery complaints. After Shipup intervention, there are the results:

  • 40% Proportion of complaints due to delivery
  • 30% Refunds due to delivery issues
  • 41% Traffic to their website
  • 70% Notifications open rate

The company wanted to improve post-porchase experience when delivery issue happen. 

With the help of Shipup, they obtained +31 NPS in case of incidents and a notifications open rate when delivery issue happen of 85%.

The startup

Shipup is a Paris based SaaS platform on a mission to transform post-purchase experience in e-commerce.

The company tracks package deliveries in real time to create a seamless, transparent and branded delivery experience.

With Shipup, online retailers can send notifications to their customers, redirect them to branded tracking pages and proactively manage potential delivery incidents. Shipup helps the best brands offer a delivery experience so compelling that their customers will want to purchase again.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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