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Ryp Labs naturally extends the life of your fruit

Matthieu JOLLY
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Every minute we waste enough food to feed over a million people on Earth! To solve this problem Ryp Labs, the Belgian-American AgTech startup develops and commercializes natural technologies to reduce this food waste.

How? By developing and commercializing biomimicry solutions to combat global food waste, sustainably and safely based on the same compounds that plants make in nature to protect themselves. Their technology includes a simple sticker that fruits and vegetables producers, packaging company and retailers can peel and apply directly to their fresh produce, or it’s packaging, to increase the shelf life of produce by up to 2-weeks!

How does your solution work and what are the benefits for customers?

Ryp Labs developed a natural and safe formulation that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including stickers, sachets, and sheets, to increase the shelf life of produce :

  • The food-safe sticker, StixFreshTM, can extend the shelf life of fresh produce by up to two weeks, by simply peeling and applying the sticker to loose produce such as pears or tomatoes!
  • The labels, sachets and sheet formats, Shelf DefenseTM, can be placed in clamshells and other containers to protect smaller fruits such as berries and grapes from premature rotting.

These simple yet effective solutions can be used at any point along the produce supply chain, from post-harvest to the end-consumer stage.

Some business cases

Retailer tested Shelf DefenseTM sachets on strawberries.

The Shelf DefenseTM sachets extended the shelf life of strawberries by 2-days. The mold incidence on the strawberries was significantly reduced throughout the first 11 days when treated with the Shelf DefenseTM sachets.


Packaging company tested StixFreshTM stickers on strawberries.

StixFreshTM treated strawberries showed less mold than the control starting from day 7 until day 19. After 8 days, only 4% of the treated strawberries were molded while 30% of the control was already molded.



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