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The French startup Nuukik launches the first 1to1 direct marketing offer. Each targeted customer receives directly in his letter box a completely personalized catalog or brochure by its content (offer, texts, images, … ) linked to the customer behavior.

In few words

Nuukik is a software startup evolving in the marketing technology landscape. Our company is specialized in machine learning and deep learning for retail.

cyrillus3For the last 4 years, Nuukik has been working together with omni-channel retailers to understand the use of data for marketing purpose. During the early stage, Nuukik teamed up with the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) in order to create the most competitive product recommendation engine for retailers in the market. The product aims to automate retailers merchandizing process and personalize the customer journey, thanks to the data gathered among the different channels. Nuukik offers :

• The first direct marketing 1:1 offer. A fully adaptable and personalized 1:1 paper offer sent directly to your customers letter box.

• Omnichannel personalized recommendations through predictive APIs to customize the offer along the online and offline purchase path.

Dynamic promotions. Automatically determined promotions based on consumer purchasing behavior.

Data & business consulting in order to valorize Brands & Retailers data through Artificial Intelligence tools Thanks to that, Nuukik improves consumer experience of more than 100 references and contributes to turnover from 2 to 33%.

Technological innovation

catalog1to1orangebleusite-200x300Nuukik launched the personalized direct marketing project in collaboration with Naos Publishing, a ComClever company specialist in Online and Offline content production, with a history of creating paper and web catalogs for the biggest VAD brands. This first 1to1 direct marketing offer aim to reposition the paper within the existing digital channels by developing an additional, industrialized communication solution. It allows advertisers to send a customer a direct paper mail completely personalized by its content – texts and images – and based on consumer purchasing and browsing behavior and his own environment, all sent directly to the letter box.

Smartalog uses the latest technologies in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the latest digital printers on the market.

Business case : Cyrillus

The pilot project was conducted with Cyrillus. It consisted of sending 100,000 catalogs presenting the new collection, among them :

20,000 were identical

80,000 fully customized according to customer


It targeted so-called “sleepy” clients, that is those located at the bottom and middle of the file depending on the RFM segmentation.

The whole being based on a catalog of products of 2,200 articles with all the images recovered directly on the Cyrillus website. From the recovery of the data until receipt in mailbox the delay was 10 days. Customer feedback:

• Sales incremental increase of 5%

• Increased ROI through personalization

• Reduction of time to market

The startup

LogoCouleurNuukiOKThe french startup Nuukik is the first to offer a direct One to One marketing tool.

Each targeted client receives in his mailbox a paper catalog or mailing with a 100% personalised content (offers, texts, visuals, etc.) according to his profil, his previous purchases and his needs or expectations…

The startup is composed of a very dynamic team, with an average age of 28. A-Its employees are both passionate people and entrepreneurs. They like challenges and embrace innovation.

Very hybrid profiles, such as mathematic, IT or marketing experts, work hands in hands to optimise the solutions.

Nuukik is looking at the future. The goal of the startup is to find the best ways to optimise retail thanks to Artificial Intelligence and to the latest technologies, with placing the client at the center.

On top, the Nuukik project has won 6 awards :

  • Award CRM : Paris Retail Week 2016
  • Award Innovation : Com’ en Or Day
  • Award Innovation : Trophée du média Courier de la Poste Business Service
  • Award International : Direct Commerce Association (London)
  • Award Improve the Client Experience : EBG (Electronic Business Groupe).
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