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In an omnicanal sales environment, Nedap’s RFID products meet the needs of retailers who take advantage of a stock which is always right to serve consumers wherever and whenever they want.

In few words

The trend of our market today is dictated by consumers. Previously, retailers developed store concepts to attract consumers to their shops; Today the effect has reversed, it is the consumption habits that impose retailers on how to organize, Nedap clearly understood and this is where was born !D Cloud.

Removing stocks-out, transparency of goods flow, optimum availability of products on the shelves : !D Cloud represents a real ally for distributors to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this cloud-based Nedap RFID software platform, customers will always keep the products they come for and the brand is increasing its sales.

Technological innovation

Nedap  RFID systems are smart and connected. They are a real added value for the management of shops. RFID optimizes loss prevention and inventory management, approaching a 100% accuracy.


Nedap RFID systems are communicating, enabling access to store data from around the world and all mobile devices wich make it possible to respond immediately when needed.

The omni canal sale becomes preponderant; To succeed in Retail, RFID is the best technical and economic solution.

Business case

River Island, the British fashion brand, has selected Nedap for the international deployment of software and RFID equipment in 280 stores. The deployment took place over a period of 7 months, with no tedious IT integration required. In this large-scale project, Nedap was the main provider responsible for the implementation of !D Cloud software and portable RFID readers, as well as the quality of RFID tags on merchandise.

“At the beginning, the overall accuracy of our stocks was very insufficient. With the implementation of the pilot project !D Cloud, precision reached 97% in all shops in two weeks, and has since been upgraded. More importantly, this precision allows us to increase our sales significantly in our pilot stores. “Jon Wright, River Island Global Head of Loss Prevention and Safety.

The Startup


NEDAP France, has been created in 1929. It uses the solutions developed by the parent company Nedap NV, a major Dutch industrial group.

Indeed several activities of the group require common competencies : technological innovation and adapted solutions to meet the needs of customers.

In an omnichannel sales environment, the RFID products of Nedap offer the right answer to the needs of retailers thanks to a precise stock management, in order to better serve their customers wherever and whenever needed.

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