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The easiest proof of presence to access to contextual features

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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As any customer, you’re seeking a user-friendly experience wherever you are and whenever you want.

Just pass your smartphone on the device equipped by POP’n link technology to discover a new connected lifestyle without usual commitments.


POP’n link provides a unique and a complete revolution in the retail segment. Shoppers can now enjoy a smart, customized and connected journey without any commitments as downloading an app, typing a URL or receiving an email.





Based on a device named POP, which can be placed pretty much anywhere (a table, a chair or a rack top in a shopping malls, banks, streets, stores), the startup offers very diverse digital features.

To experiment this worldwide patented technology and discover a dedicated digital universe, users simply need to tap their smartphone on a POP!



The startup key competitive is its disruptive and patented technology, with a combo including a hardware, named POP, and a customized software based on tailored digital features.


New IoT technology, POP is delivering customer centric services with a superior ease of use compared to competitive technologies as NFC or BLE. In fact, NFC is still not compatible with all operating systems and smartphones while BLE is too intrusive with native apps.

POP’n link offers a stellar-rich universe of opportunities in IoT field.


The startup do install POPs on rack tops in a store. By tapping POPs with their smartphones, and without downloading any app, shoppers discover dedicated information, with a contextual chatbot, load specific discount coupons from their favorite brands, and start their purchases in store then end up at home.

POPs can encapsulate all type of brand app and reward shoppers with a loyalty card system.

For example, stores equipped with POPs will notice an increase in traffic and in sales with a much higher conversion rates for coupons.




Pop’n link introduces a new user experience, a new move, a new way to use smartphones for a more prosperous business. The Pop technology has been distinguished by the Innovation Award at CES Las Vegas 2017

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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