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Elisabeth MENANT
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Neomode is a Brazilian retailtech focused on omnichannel solutions. Since 2017, their products provide native integrations – specially on inventory and orders – between B&M stores and digital sales channels.

How does your solution works and what are the benefits for customers and retailers?

Neomode first and main product is a white label APP Commerce platform that has native integrations with major e-commerce platforms and B&M POS Systems.

This new sales channel allows brands to deliver the best omnichannel experience that today’s shoppers demand.

The integration structure LORI – Libery Of Retail Integration that supports our App Commerce platform, allowed the company to launch the Integration Platform for e-commerce.

Counting on LORI microservices architecture and API-first approach retailers are able to connect real-time B&M store inventory across all their traditional digital channels (Ecommerces, marketplaces, DM) and inject orders from all into the company’s ERP.

Some business cases

Hope Resort

Objective was to enable companies franchise stores to sale through brands digital sale channels. With Neomode solutions, all 200 + franchisee B&M stores operating digital local sales in 30 – 40 days.

Chilli Beans

With the use of omnichannel App Commerce strategies, all 500+ franchisee stores using App Commerce as sales channel locally.

About the startup

Neomode is a platform specializing in omnichannel solutions for retailers.

The startup offers the best of omnichannel solutions to digitalize retailers, act on physical stores and get closer to the customer and his expectations. The concept is based on 4 pillars: sales increase, experience, commitment, practicality.

Elisabeth MENANT
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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