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Elisabeth MENANT
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Soyooz is a solution using artificial intelligence to reproduce the role of a salesperson. With soyooz, you can boost your sales and lead generation providing your customers with products that best fit their needs (higher conversion rate, better average basket), offer a unique user experience to discover your products in a friendly manner and generate relevant and accurate marketing data.


Soyooz develops multi-interface solutions (web, app, chatbot,…) that push the limits of smart recommendation.

This very innovative approach allows a very accurate and relevant recommendation thanks to a comprehensive understanding of customer needs combined with modelized product.


In less than a minute, your customer express their needs and soyooz provides them with the best justified product recommendation.


Soyooz unique technology in 3 steps:

1.Soyooz developped a unique methodology to understand customer’s needs using a few questions, just like your best salesperson would do. Soyooz translates technical aspects into easily understandable customer language.


2.Provide smart product recommendations: using artificial intelligence and unique technology, soyooz characterizes product usage, modeling product expertise, customer perspective and commercial strategy. Provide personalized recommendations matching the entire product offer and all expressed customer’s needs.This innovating technology is extremely powerfull to simple filters or decision trees.

Step 2

3.Justify the recommendation: Soyooz allows your customers easily understand why the recommender products fit their needs. Thus customer can finalize their purchase in total confidence.

step 3


During its Wine Fairs, Carrefour offers a selection of more than 1,000 bottles. Layman or expert, it is difficult to be able to make a quick choice! Hence the use, during the last 3 fairs, of a decision support module allowing an internet user to find a wine according to very simple criteria: the moment of tasting, the preferred aromas, a budget range, …

No need to master the vintages, the grape varieties, the terroirs, etc. As a qualified wine merchant, the module offers a selection of relevant wines. Soyooz explains, for each bottle, why it corresponds to the specific expectations of the consumer.


The module makes it possible to obtain a conversion rate and a very high average basket and make discovering the offer very easy. Beyond this aspect, this has made it possible to detect possible “holes” in the supply. Helpful, soyooz is now implementing the module as a chatbot .


Logo SoyoozSoyooz was born in 2012 from a simple observation: purchasing a technical product or a service could rapidly become a nightmare.

After 2 years of research and development to develop a methodology that models human expertise and a recommendation search engine based on usage, soyooz tested the approach for high-tech products with the launch of a website. After a few thousand recommendations, soyooz improved the service and developed a B2B business.

Today soyooz is capable of providing recommendations for all types of products and services, on the web and in retail stores, on every type of devices using different type of interfaces (web, apps, chatbot, etc.).

They are convinced that Artificial Intelligence must help people remove the hassle of making complex choices without deciding for them. To be efficient it requires not only delivering an expert recommendation but also justifying the choice to reassure the customers.

They are an experienced, passionate, excellence-oriented team that brings together different high-level expertise in fields as diverse as AI, user experience, marketing, etc.

Based in France (Laval and Paris), we would be happy to meet you and show you how soyooz can bring intelligence into you customer relations.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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