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Heyday: the platform that revolutionizes customer service thanks to the AI!

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Heyday equips retailers (Decathlon, Jules, Danone, LVMH) with an omnichannel chat platform that combines the power of AI and the know-how of the brand’s agents (Bot + Agent) to increase conversion, lower customer support costs and simplify the shopping experience.


Technological innovation : A chat powered by Artificial Intelligence

In order to treat each customer as a VIP, Heyday unifies all available communication channels (Messenger, Web, Whatsapp, Google BMP, Instagram, Email, SMS, RCS).

Heyday integrates deeply with the e-commerce platforms, namely Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Proximis, Prestashop to enable brands to offer a completely unified experience (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Cost) in order to generate more revenue.

Business case : Decathlon, Danone and Make up Forever all improved their performances !

Decathlon created excitement around the opening of one of its new stores in Canada (Boost drag to store, acquisition of new members, promotion of new products). The results were overwhelming: 41% of the people in the conversation became new Decathlon members. 875% ROAS (“Return On Ad Spent”): on each dollar invested in media, the initiative generated $8.75 in-store sales.

Make Up For Ever (of the LVMH group) has activated the “one to one” communication channel with its clients (via Facebook Messenger and Instagram) with a direct-to-consumer strategy and personalized recommendations based on skin type and complexion. The results? 18% of customers clicked on personalized product recommendation and 90% of the conversations led to a product recommendation.

For the Activia and OIKOS brands, Danone enables its customers to learn more about its product range and get inspired with new, practical recipes. Danone has also used this channel to enhance its customer experience and automate a portion of its online customer service.
69% of customer support requests were then processed automatically by Heyday. Customer satisfaction and engagement increased by 500% with an average conversation time between a customer and Heyday of 2 min 21 sec. 

The start-up in a few words

This Canadian startup, powered by large accelerators such as L-Spark (B2B SAAS Accelerator), Creative Destruction Labs, Lafayette Plug-and-Play (France) is a leader in conversational business with a presence on more than 3 continents. Heyday has a business performance-oriented approach and long term relationships with customers of all sizes (Decathlon UK, Can, Mex, Indo, Sing; LVMH, Le cirque du Soleil, DavidsTea, Jules France, Danone).

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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