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Elisabeth MENANT
Technological & Marketing Trends Analyst
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Hero was created with a simple objective in mind, to transform retail for the digital age.

In few words

In the era of digital expansion, the number of online shoppers is growing year on year leaving 21 billion square feet of retail space siloed from ecommerce. With the physical retail store still being the most important customer touch point, Hero is partnering with retailers to unite stores with digital to create the best omnichannel experience.

Technological innovation

Hero - take a pictureHero’s unique and positive disruptive technology connects the millions of online shoppers who need help, inspiration and advice with an associate in-store, through chat, pictures, videos and live streaming. Mirroring the in-store experience online, Hero creates an unparalleled digital experience which makes the shopper feel like they are virtually stepping into the store, whilst giving associates the ultimate app they need to proactively sell online, transforming their roles for the digital age.

Benefits for the retailers
Associates connecting with customers in such a way has helped drive all major metrics and has turned the customer’s in-store and online journeys into a seamless omnichannel experience.

Benefits for the customers
Customers who interact with Hero are ten times more likely to transact. They have a 63% increased AOV (Average Order Value) and a 50% reduction in returns.

In addition, for online shoppers, Hero’s app offers a seamless shopping experience, giving them an immediate access to one to one professional guidance throughout their online journey.

Business Case

Hero - In store ExperienceHarvey Nichols’ goal was to become the leading luxury omnichannel department store, aligning the online and offline experience to provide customers with best in case service however and whenever they choose to shop.

By empowering hundreds of associates across their stores to connect with online customers for the very first time, Harvey Nichols has become the leading luxury omnichannel department store.
Results show a significant uplift in both AOV and conversion rate following an interaction through Hero, increasing metrics to £247 and 6.7% respectively. We also see that 28% of chats result in a visit to the physical store, allowing Harvey Nichols to capture customers earlier on in the customer journey and drive footfall to store.

The startup

Logo Hero

Launched in 2015, Hero works with global retailers including Harvey Nichols, John Hardy and MADE.COM to add the e-commerce layer to 21 billion square feet of physical retail space. Now everyday across the world, stores and associates are no longer standing idle, but are proactively assisting millions of online shoppers — transforming the role of the store for 21st century retail and creating a formidable advantage against pure-play online retailers.

Elisabeth MENANT
Technological & Marketing Trends Analyst
Pour explorer avec vous la transformation du retail avec un double regard éditorial et business
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