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Frictionless vehicle payments using a numberplate

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Tytonical uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to make number plate recognition. It can be use for payments at fuel stations, EV chargers and drive thru’s. We enable existing consumer driving and parking apps to offer this experience to their users.

Check in automatic at hotel

technological innovation

Number plate recognition is not a new technology, however for the past 40 years there have been little to no innovation in this space. Accuracy levels are typically around 97% and as such it can only be used in sector where there is a tolerance for revenue loss (tolls and parking). Tytonical changes this by using our in house algorithms to not only detect which vehicle is present but which driver is in the vehicle so we can bill the correct user every single time.

Tytonical works by either enabling existing driving apps (e.g. parking apps) to pay with their number plate, or alternatively enabling the existing apps for energy companies to offer this frictionless solution to their end users.

To achieve this we have already integrated with the leading fuel POS vendors in Europe (TSG, Dover, TLM, etc) covering 70% of fuel stations and have integrated our solution into driving apps servicing 38 million drivers. 

Automatique Payment for Fuel

To compliment our technology, many clients have asked us to install new ANPR camera’s. To achieve this with the highest performance, but lowest cost, Tytonical has build its own proprietary hardware. This unit has proved to be so successful that it is now sold to third party businesses and Tytonical is now their sole hardware supplier. This includes the UK’s largest parking enforcement company ParkingEye.

ANPR camera

a little bit of history about the startup

Logo TytonicalTytonical started following the successful 2 year collaboration between Mastercard and Newpark Solutions in the UK to deploy a frictionless parking solution using number plate recognition. Grant (Mastercard) and Matt (Newpark) believed there was an opportunity to improve the technology and enhance the experiences – and Tytonical was born. Since then Tytonical is a graduate of Startupbootcamp Fintech & Cybersecurity 2020, and been awarded top Startup by Amazon Web Services. Headquartered in the UK with a local presence in the Benelux, Tytonical now services the largest parking companies in the UK as clients, and the largest driving apps as partners.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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