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TRIGO tech-powers stores with market-leading frictionless checkout and digitized operations

Matthieu JOLLY
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The Israeli startup reinvents point-of-sale payment and imagines the store of the future. Using its solution – or rather, its EasyOut App, EasyOut Tap and EasyOut Station solutions – the retailer eliminates the need to wait at the checkout, while managing its operations with greater precision.

No more waiting at the checkout! Thanks to computer vision and Artificial Intelligence, customer can enter the shop, pick up items and leave without having to go to the checkout. It’s a 100% autonomous customer journey. But first they need to download the store’s application and create an authentication QR code.

To leave the shop without queuing at the checkout, he must scan his QR code at the exit gate to identify himself and reconcile his virtual shopping basket filled in by the startup’s AI with his bank details. Tomorrow, customers will also be able to pay by credit card, with the option of validating their basket on a screen. One of the strengths of the solution is that it allows customers to choose their purchasing path according to his current constraints.

Technological Innovation

The startup makes shopping and retailing seamless. It leverages ceiling-mounted cameras, smart shelf sensors, and computer vision technology to create a 3D model of the store, track the shopper journey and identify each product shoppers select. At the end of their journey, shoppers get a digital receipt for their seamless payment without  having to self checkout or go through the checkout line.

It leverages computer vision technology to improve operational efficiency through inventory management and out-of-stock alerts, increase product availability, and reduce shrinkage. The data our system generates has direct impact on retailers’ top line: predictive planning, price optimization, planogram compliance, and more. How does it works? Shopper’s movement is tracked using proprietary computers vision algorithms. Cameras and shelf sensors identify the products taken from the shelves. Product is added to the shopper’s virtual basket.

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“They bring in all the capabilities, how you do the virtual basket creation, so the whole entire experience we have curated, making sure that our customers have the great experience they expect from Tesco.” Guus Dekkers | Chief Technology Officer @Tesco
“We work with Trigo because they are the only ones who share our approach of looking at a solution that can be scaled with low hardware costs and a seamlessly frictionless experience for the customer.” Mareike Kleimann | Shop&Go Project Lead @Aldi
Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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