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EKOO gives voice to consumers and employees

Matthieu JOLLY
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By using the solution developed by the startup, brands and retailers can offer a new user experience on their website, their application and also at the point of sale, in line with new customer habits.

Although consumers want to be informed about the products and services on offer, they no longer read text content, which they often find too long or even falsified. At the same time, audio is being used more and more on a daily basis: voice memos, podcasts, voice assistants, etc. Gathering audio opinions is a key differentiator for brands and retailers. It’s simpler and provides richer, more embodied testimonials.

Technological Innovation

In practical terms, the solution allows users to listen to audio ‘capsules’ produced by brands to find out more about their products and services. As a result, consumers no longer need to read long descriptive content; they can simply listen as they browse the site.

The solution also allows consumers to leave voice reviews. This is simpler and quicker than writing a review.

In both cases, the audio content can be accessed online and in-store using a QR code to be scanned and redirected to a dedicated interface. Audio allows messages to be conveyed in a more educational, authentic and, above all, emotional way. This creates a closer relationship between the brand and its customers. More information and proximity: a winning cocktail to win over customers.

Business Cases

“The brand gives its teams the chance to tell the secrets behind their recipes! What could be better than the voice of the product manager to discover the Christmas recipes, the new galette des rois or the summer ice creams. This content is very popular with customers, as 85% of them listen to it in its entirety. Even the loyalty programme becomes clearer as it is explained through “audio capsules”.

The Furet du Nord / Decitre bookshops have their passionate booksellers talk about their favourite books. These audio favourites are a real differentiator from their competitors, not only on their e-commerce sites, but also in-store and in their Christmas catalogues, thanks to QR codes. Today, more than 100 sales assistants create authentic and distinctive audio content on a daily basis.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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