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Datakalab is a Brain Tech start-up that measures consumers’ emotions through neuroscientific tools !

In few words

Datakalab is the first neuromarketing lab that measures consumers’ emotions via neuroscientific tools to fuel brands’ transformation and innovation strategies. Datakalab uses existing transactional and digital data and adds its Feel Data© to optimize customer knowledge and serve brand innovation strategies.


Technological innovation

Facial coding: it can detect micro facial expressions and identify universal emotions: joy, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, disgust, contempt.


Montre Datakalab

Smart wristband: it measures the physiological signs of emotion in real time:

  • Micro sweating (electrodermal measurement)
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Skin temperature

Datakalab has developed a partnership with IBM Tealeaf, a behavioral analysis solution. This partnership allows brands to measure the levels of attention and emotional commitment during the journey of customers on a website. The goal is to know on which page a customer had a particular emotion (fear, joy …) and to identify the possible technical and design problems of the site.


A business case

For the Eram website, Datakalab filmed 2,000 people in 10 days, more than 400,000 seconds of video. First observation: the higher the value of the page, the more the emotion is positive. The brand can see for example the color or pattern that generates the most attention.

About the startup

Datakalab is a Brain Tech start-up that measures consumers’ emotions through neuroscientific tools to optimize customer knowledge and fuel brands’ transformation and innovation strategies. It has already collaborated with the SNCF, TF1 (Identification of the different emotions felt during the viewing of 20 entertainment programs) or Unibail Rodamco (Lyon Confluence shopping center map thanks to the connected bracelet and measures the quality of the time spent at the store).


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