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Beamy: The platform that unifies retailers’ technologies

Elisabeth MENANT
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Today, between marketing, UX, logistics and HR, retailers use an average of fifty technological solutions. This is already considerable, and this number will increase to 230 within five years due to the transition to the Cloud and the specialization of solutions.

More and more solutions are chosen and implemented by business teams. It is estimated that approximately 50% of retailers’ technological expenses are now directly incurred by business teams, often outside the control of the IT department.

We are therefore witnessing a real “technological silotage” of retailers with a lack of control and visibility over the technological environment; budget under-optimizations (duplication, under-utilization, under-performance, etc.); and security failures and DGMP non-compliance. (According to Staub et Associés, more than 80% of retailers are not in compliance with the RGPD.)


In a few words

Through the SaaS platform, Beamy helps retailers to better control their ever-changing and increasingly fragmented technological environment.

The platform intervenes on all retailers’ application solutions on 3 modules : 

  • Centralized vision & control of all solutions used (users, performance, RGPD).
  • Centralized management of solutions (governance, user management).
  • Sourcing new solutions while ensuring overall consistency.

The technological innovation : mapping, analysing and identifying the overlaps

Beamy offers a totally innovative approach.

First, the young French start-up maps all the solutions used by the retailer using their algorithms. They cross invoices provided by the retailer with user laws and their database of technological solutions.

Furthermore , Beamy translated into “retail language” the contribution of each technological solution. It characterizes what the solution does and can see if there are overlaps with other solutions, or if a new brick being considered is compatible or redundant with existing solutions. Currently, Beamy lists more than 180 technological building bricks on more than 250 solutions and makes them correspond to about 150 retail actions.

This allows the start-up to highlight, in a very precise way, technological anomalies (duplication, lack of coherence, underperformance, etc.) but also digitalization paths for the retailer.

A business case : Rationalizing and optimising for IdKids Group

Beamy has worked for the entire IDKIDS Group, a community of beneficial brands and early childhood experts who own the Okaïdi, Jacadi, Oxybul brands… The French start-up has deployed digital solutions for the entire group.

The benefits:

1- Rationalization & savings (5% of their SaaS technology budget).

2- Securing and ensuring 100% RGPD compliance of the technological environment.

3- Optimization of solution performance (10% budget optimization).

4- Accelerating the digitisation of retailers while maintaining consistency.

The startup

Beamy helps retailers ensure and maintain optimal DGMP compliance.

The young French start-up is based on a SaaS model that varies according to 2 things :

  • The size of the retailer.
  • The number of modules chosen.
Elisabeth MENANT
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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