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Bambuser, first provider of live shopping video for e-commerce platforms.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Bambuser is the world leading B2B SaaS provider of live video shopping enabling retailers to have interactive and shoppable videos directly in their platforms, working with brands such as Samsung, Clarins, VeePee and Adidas.

Launched in 2019, Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution is currently live across 190 countries, in 41 languages and streamed more than 20milion minutes during the first half of 2021.

Technological Innovation

In a retail landscape where brands need to deliver a best-in-class shopping experience, a static e-commerce is no longer cutting it when consumers are blending offline and online and looking for authenticity.

In China live video shopping already stands for 20% of all ecommerce, and Coresight Research recently predicted live video shopping to become a 25bilion dollar industry by 2023.

Bambuser enables retailers to embed interactive and shoppable videos at the heart of their retail ecosystem, e-commerce, customer service, instore and much more, by offering a One-to-Many and a One-to-One Live Video Shopping solution.

Bambuser provides the streaming technology, the hosting app, the back-office, the data and the web applications necessary to go live. All the retailers have to focus on is the video content and the customer experiences.


  • Boost sales and traffic on your website
  • Engage your audience
  • Elevate the ecommerce experience
  • Maximize your D2C strategy
  • Own data and transactions

References : Bambuser is the winner of 2021 LVMH Innovation award

Some Business cases


Veepee associates 60% of purchases and traffic to Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping

Veepee benchmarked Bambuser against other solutions before unanimously choosing to partner with us due to our “reliability and the quality of the tool”.

As well as an increase in customer satisfaction, Veepee measured an increase in other KPIs such as sales and awareness. One show in particular has generated 12.5K viewers and the recorded replay functionality lengthened the sales cycle. With the ability to promote and display the video long after the live show had finished, Veepee were able to justify any investment due to impressive ROI and a heightened understanding on how important customer experience is for sales.

“This is a really positive campaign because our members appreciate the innovative experience, we increase our sales and it also increases the brand awareness of our partners.”

Jean-Paul Fournet, Development & Coordination Director, Veepee



Samsung beats conversion goals by 127% with Bambuser Live Video Shopping 

By replicating what consumers love about physical retail in an online shopping experience, Samsung was able to woo the next generation of online shoppers. For a first campaign, driving almost 1000 viewers with an average viewing time of over 5 and a half minutes is great. The conversion rate among event attendees was more than twice (+127%) average conversion and campaign benchmark/goals. In addition, to date, 4x more viewers have watched the recorded show with similar engagement numbers.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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