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Shopopop is a collaborative solution that offers a human-sized delivery service.

The French start-up was launch since December 2020 in Belgium, and currently scaling up to the Netherlands & Luxembourg.

It is one of the references in terms of Crowdshipping in Europe and create social link between partners, clients and Shoppers (the commuters that are doing the deliveries are being called Shoppers). Shoppers are regular commuters and definitely not professionals. This gives us flexibility to scale up or down with partners and the opportunity to provide everyone the best service.

How does the solution works and what are the benefits for customers and retailers?

Thanks to an app, that operates as a platform, where Shoppers can select available deliveries they can execute while doing their regular trips. There is also a backoffice where Shopopop’s teams can monitor all available deliveries, check Shopper profiles, compile data.

Partners have a manual or API connection with this backoffice.

One business case of the startup

Carrefour Market of Ambon, in the Morbihan, France

Located in Ambon-Muzillac in Morbihan, France, Antonia and Frédéric manage a supermarket of more than 2500m2 and a drive with two tracks. To meet the expectations of their customers following the first lockdown, or to deliver the most isolated people, they chose to set up home delivery with Shopopop. Since 2020, the Carrefour Market Ambon-Muzillac has been offering home delivery to its customers within a 15 km radius of the store.

This new service quickly became essential for their customers, especially those living in rural areas. Offering home delivery has also enabled them to retain new customers and earn between 10% and 15% in e-commerce sales.

About the startup

Shopopop’s ambition is to give meaning to delivery, by offering a collaborative service, on a human scale, with a large social dimension.

What is collaborative delivery with Shopopop?

Simplified interactions: with simple tools, interactions between the merchant, the Shopper (private, occasional delivery) and the delivered customer are facilitated.

An active local community: through collaborative delivery, thousands of individuals help each other and contribute to the vitality of their region.

Optimization of resources: common sense in delivery means taking advantage of an already existing route to optimize the resources of all (time, CO2 emission, money).

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