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Half human, half robot : A hybrid personal assistant that revolutionizes your life!

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Wiidii is the 1st hybrid personal assistant, a mixture of artificial intelligence and human know-how. This mobile app makes your life easier on a day-to-day basis and on your trips.

Wiidii's CEO tells us more...

In a few words

Wiidii is the first hybrid personal assistant. This innovative application combines ultra-developed artificial intelligence and real human concierges. Wiidii helps you on a day-to-day basis and on your personal and business trips.

This new pocket companion gives you personalized advice, makes all your bookings (hotel, restaurant, train or plane tickets, taxi, tickets for shows, etc.), makes your appointments (it calls your doctor, dentist, colleague, etc.) and adds them to your diary, runs all your searches (service providers, routes, opening hours, etc.), handles your reminders, backs up your documents and can even instantaneously translate whatever you want in the language of your choosing. Speak to Wiidii, ask it any question and get a relevant answer in a few moments.

Technological Innovation

Wiidii is a really unique and innovative solution, because it is the first hybrid assistant that combines artificial intelligence and human know-how. It deals with any requests in a personalized manner according to your tastes, habits or even your budget.


Wiidii combines the best in conventional conciergeries and exclusively digital personal assistants. Humans bring real quality of service and the artificial intelligence can handle thousands of requests at the same time.


Which makes Wiidii even more unique? You can have a veritable natural dialogue with your personal assistant, available at all times in your pocket. Wiidii becomes a genuine life companion.

Business Case

Wiidii has worked with the tourist information centre of Bordeaux Métropole since March 2015. Wiidii is included if the Bordeaux CityPass, which visitors can use to access public transport, numerous museums, guided tours and naturally Wiidii for the duration of their stay (1, 2 or 3 days).

City pass et wiidii pour Wiidii

Whenever tourists buy this CityPass, they automatically have access to Wiidii, which becomes a veritable travel companion: information on the city and its surroundings, personalized guidelines on sites, reservations (restaurants, hotel, train tickets, etc.), instantaneous translation, routes, weather, appointments (with a doctor in an emergency for instance)…

Wiidii submits a monthly report on the use of Wiidii to its partner. After noting a 25% rise in sales of their CityPass, the Bordeaux tourist information centre has decided to continue the partnership in 2016.

Nicolas Martin, Bordeaux’s tourist information and congress centre manager says: “The Bordeaux Métropole tourist information centre has bundled the Wiidii mobile assistant as an add-on service in its CityPass for nearly a year. The results are excellent, with an increase in sales, and a high usage rate of around 25%. Wiidii enables us to pursue a process of innovation and service, which is greatly appreciated by our visitors. We are delighted with this partnership, which will continue and even prosper in 2016.”


Logo Wiidii

The Wiidii start-up was formed in Bordeaux in June 2014 by Cédric Dumas, then head of Rêvexo-C, a high-end concierge service. A fan of new technologies, he launched into the digital world with a view to democratizing personal assistance and even making it accessible to all.

With their B2B2C solution, they already assist the tourists of Bordeaux and Cannes and are in talks with thirty or so major groups in a number of sectors: airlines and rail companies, hotel chains, tourist information centres, airports, device manufacturers, car manufacturers, banks, insurers, etc.

The Wiidii team currently has 15 staff and is considering opening offices in Montreal and Singapore by the end of 2016 to expand in Asia and North America. They are also preparing a new fund-raising campaign to continue enriching and developing their application, and to increase the number of human assistants.

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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