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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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The start-up 3DLook has developed a solution that makes it easy to exchange data between consumers and brands. It transforms this data into market intelligence, enabling retailers to offer a more personalized and engaging experience.

Technological innovation

3DLOOK’s patent-pending technology uses algorithms to accurately detect the human body against any background. The geometry algorithms create a unique 3D body profile. Neural networks, formed from a proprietary data set of more than 250,000 photographic profiles, detect and determine key body parts. Thanks to this innovation, the start-up can model a custom “avatar” silhouette.

With this technology called “morpho-scanning”, 3DLOOK focuses as much on the consumer experience as on the core technology and, as a result, continuously optimizes, updates and repeats the flow of consumers to create an experience that is both frictionless and engaging.

Business Case

Size recommendation 

The objectives: to meet the challenge of size communication and instantly recommend the right product size based on the measurement and shape data of the customer’s body.

Values for users :

  • Increased commitment;
  • Increased purchasing confidence;
  • Strong recommendation.

Values for the client :

  • Increased conversion;
  • Increased brand loyalty;
  • Decreased returns;
  • Body data collection.

The virtual trial

The objectives: to engage users with virtual testing functionality and an augmented reality feature to increase engagement and promote social commerce.

Values for users :

  • New engagement experience;
  • Better fitting clothing;
  • Try before you buy.

Values for the customer :

  • Introduce new innovations in experiential retailing;
  • Introduce new ways for customers to interact with the product;
  • Increased conversion;
  • Increased brand loyalty;
  • Decreased returns;
  • Body data collection.

Advanced in-store user experience

The main objective of the start-up is to arouse the interest of in-store users with size recommendations via the digital display, without the need for a physical test.

To achieve this, the start-up has implemented the virtual fitting function, which guarantees customers that the clothes they buy will fit perfectly. The result is an incredibly personalized and engaging in-store experience.

For brands, this new technology is a real asset. It allows them to :

  • to attract a new type of customer while creating attractive and stimulating experiences for loyal consumers;
  • to offer higher levels of personalization to consumers, creating deeper relationships and higher levels of brand loyalty.

The start-up

The co-founders of 3DLook started three years ago with the idea of building a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to make a positive impact on people’s daily lives. Since then, the start-up has grown to a team of 35 employees located in San Mateo, California, with R&D offices in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine. 3DLook’s main mission is to transform digital body data into business intelligence, making the exchange of data between consumers and the places where they like to shop more fluid.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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