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Thanks to digital technology, ETAM is focusing on the essential: the pleasure of shopping!

Matthieu JOLLY
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With its new Parisian flagship, the lingerie brand Etam, offers its customers a shopping experience centered on the pleasure of shopping, while removing the irritant of the moment: waiting.

Etam Nouveau Flagship

The concept of this new store

In the heart of the Opera district, the French lingerie brand, ETAM, unveils a flagship store very strongly inspired by the legacy of Baron Haussmann.
Spread over three levels, the 500 m² point of sale is organized around a glazed rotunda ten meters high. In a typically Parisian atmosphere, the client is having a good time, looking for her crush.

But beware, the store is also living with the times! It offers its urban and busy clientele a route that eliminates all forms of waiting! On-shelf checkout, connected fitting rooms or free trial at home, … so many services that allow the customer to rediscover the pleasure of shopping!

Why visit the store?

try before

Try at home before buying

Running out of time this lunchtime to try on underwear? No problem. Select up to 10 items, have your credit card imprint recorded by a salesperson and leave the store without paying for them. You then have three days to try them out at home. Once you have made your choice, store your new underwear in your drawers and return the rest free of charge to the store or by post. You will then be automatically debited within twelve days.

paiement mobile

Pay without waiting at the checkout

The store only has one checkout! Hidden in the basement near the fitting rooms, it is dedicated to cash payments and tax refund management.

To pay for your purchases, you must therefore seek help from one of the sales assistants. Equipped with her smartphone, she accesses your loyalty account, scans your items and collects cash directly from the shelves.


Manage the point of sale using RFID

All of the underwear sold by the brand is equipped with an RFID chip. With this technology, sales assistants can precisely identify each item and thus effectively inform you about product availability. Each week, the teams thus carry out two inventories divided between sales area and reserve.

Ecrans d'appel dans les cabines d'essayage

Call a saleswoman from the fitting room

The color of the bra you are trying on in the cabin does not convince you? Do not get dressed again! Simply tap on the screen installed in the booth to see all of the available colors and call a salesperson for help.

les petites interactions Etam

Fill up on little touches

While shopping, take a look at the little touches installed here and there: charging station for your smartphone, space for taking a break or even measuring tape to take your measurements.

Discover the flagship with photos!

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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