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Bertrand Leseigneur
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In july 2021, Bed Bath and Beyond reopened its flagship store in New York, a complete renovation adapted to the new rules of physical commerce.

Instead of a very compact store, Bad Bath and Beyond has widened its aisles! It offers bold, creative signage and displays as well as an assortment of totally reimagined products.

The objective : to reflect the store’s new positioning on private labels, mixed with more traditional brands.

With a 44% reduction in referrals on the sales area associated with a 14% reduction in overall space, the new store (measuring 8,500 sqm) thus perfectly shows the strategy of the new management. During a visit to the store before the inauguration, the CEO said:

This store is the illustration of our transformation

CEO Mark Tritton

The concept

The renovated 8,500 m2 flagship store located at 620 6th Ave. in Chelsea, is an expression of the new Bed Bath & Beyond, a flagship brand in the US home market which tops out at over $ 180 billion.

With wider aisles and an improved shelf layout, digital tools with the Bed Bath & Beyond mobile application and an offer of own brands and various brands for each room in the house, this renovation is emblematic of a project of $ 250 million over 3 years.

The redevelopment project will affect 450 of its stores as the company executes its global transformation strategy. The store’s architecture is now more modern with its bay windows that bring light to the place.

Bed Bath & Beyond has also partnered with several brands to create new store experiences including:

  • Casper : first complete “in-store” bedding store
  • SodaStream : a Bubble Bar that offers customers the opportunity to purchase and personalize SodaStream bottles. Mixologists are on hand to provide customers with drink ideas and lessons, while showing them how to use the machine
  • Café 3B™ : a modern barista, a relaxation area in the store to taste the coffee of the brand “La Colombe”

The flagship store is also part of a store network that is now able to process same-day delivery orders throughout Manhattan.

Finally, the Chelsea store is using energy-efficient measures to help reduce its overall carbon footprint: replacing fluorescent lights with LED lights, installing occupancy detectors and timers for lighting, as well as eco-friendly fans. energy for temperature control.

Why visiting this store?

1 • Comparing the previous store to the new one

Previously, this store had, for example, a snacking area which was located at the entrance of the store and did not really serve as a place to relax. Now Café 3B is at the heart of the store and is located in the “experiential” zone with a Casper boutique, a SodaStream bubble bar, and an “interactive” pod for testing and trying out vacuums (like at Dyson).

In terms of POS, the signs were difficult to see and made navigation in the store difficult. Now the hanging signs are clear, with short messages (“College Happier”).

2 • The trend of private labels for distributors

With the new store, six own brands were launched and are now clearly visible in the store with dedicated signage.

Bed Bath & Beyond plans to roll out at least eight internal brands in fiscal 2021, and more than 10 over the next three years. Some have been launched in recent months, including a line of storage containers called “Squared Away”, a brand of bathroom equipment known as “Haven” as well as a range of household items ” Bee & Willow ”.

3 • The shop in the shop

Many mini brand stores (shop in the shop) are installed in the store.

Thus, Bed Bath & Beyond is also innovating with new partnerships: the store houses, for example, a DNVB Casper mattress store which offers a full range of products, ranging from their iconic mattresses to test to lesser known products such as baskets for dogs.

4 • A Covid ready store

Wider aisles, better in-store signage and the ability to skip checkout lines by paying via smartphone, make this store a “Covid Ready” place.

If you still want to go through the checkouts, the payment experience has also been revised. The checkout area offers customers the possibility of using a traditional checkout or taking advantage of one of the 14 new self-service checkout stations, widely spaced from each other and therefore without contact with a host checkout.

5 • Many services offered to customers

Bed Bath and Beyond has a dedicated pick-up area, it offers customers the option of picking up orders online. Customers can ask staff to come and take their order outside (curbside pickup), all within an hour of placing the order. Indeed, we are in town! There are therefore dedicated spaces so that customers can park right when they need to pick up their orders.

Finally, the brand offers its services for your move: what better than a home specialist to help you move and discuss the products you are missing?

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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