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Matthieu JOLLY
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Faced with the fantasies surrounding electric vehicles, the driver remains cautious, hesitant to take the step. Renault and Dacia launch Switch Car to clear their doubts. Whenever he wants, he can go from an electric car to a thermal one with a simple phone call.


Perhaps like many motorists you are still hesitant to move to electric vehicle. Will its autonomy be sufficient to allow you to tour your family as you do every summer? Will you spend more time recharging your vehicle than chatting with your friends?

To overcome this last fear, Renault and Dacia launch Switch Car in France, Spain, Italy and soon Germany and Belgium. The modalities may vary from country to country but the principle remains the same. Open to both individuals and professionals who have signed a car finance or rental contract, it makes it possible to have a replacement thermal vehicle when deemed necessary. Optional, the service is charged in France thirty euros per month and is valid for thirty days per year unlimited mileage.

To get a replacement vehicle, drivers of a Megane E-Tech must contact the toll-free number 01 70 95 94 62 seventy-two hours before departure to book their car. Enough to reassure the driver and convert him permanently to electric.


Thermal vs electric. The debate is raging in the media, in public opinion. According to Access Panel France 2022 data, 8% of French households today drive electric and/or hybrid vehicles. This figure is growing rapidly but still low in terms of national equipment. 92% of French people own a car and 40% are multi-equipped.

If adoption progresses, the technology remains new, still in development and many consumers are defiant. To remove these doubts, the General Motors group has just launched the EV Live service in the United States. A videoconferencing system that connects the driver with an expert who will be able to inform him and answer his questions. For Hoss Hassani, vice-president of the electric vehicle ecosystem at General Motors, the goal is very simple. “By addressing common misconceptions about EVs, we will accelerate widespread adoption of these vehicles. We found that accessible, credible and attractive sources of information were needed to enable consumers to adopt EVs and appreciate their many benefits.”

Switch Car is clearly located after this conversation, at the end of the purchase journey to lift the ultimate hesitation and turn the interested customer motorist into a buyer. By offering a replacement vehicle if needed, Switch Car gives the ultimate boost to convert the customer. Behind it is simply the Foresight consumption engine. The car manufacturer guarantees that everything will be fine. And it works! Tested since 2020 in France, the service has participated in 73% of purchasing decisions according to a survey of subscribers. 99% of them used it… Proof of interest.

Click here to discover Renault Switch Car in video.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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