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Vending Machine : Let’s discover 5 vending machines in New York

Bertrand Leseigneur
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There are 17,461 vending machine operator companies in the U.S. in 2022 that manage nearly 1.8 million vending machines, generating more than $13.3 billion in total annual sales. The average American spends about $27 a year on products through vending machines.

This market is therefore very important and these machines have once again become an important part of sales during the health crisis by offering services and products that previously required customers to enter a physical store. Proof of this craze, in the game Fornite, one of the challenges of the game Fortnite was to buy goods in broken vending machines of the game. Vending machines have really become popular! Let’s discover 5 vending machines in New York.

Why visit the store?

Lunch from your Fraîche fridg

Fraîche is a connected fridge that allows office workers to have a fresh, quality dish with their smartphone. With the application the consumer can simply order one of the proposed meals, pay and open the fridge door to pick up the dish. (website: )

Making your almond milk

Whole Foods offers, in partnership with the vegan start-up NüMilk, two different varieties of organic almond milk via a vending machine. Buyers can fill their empty bottle with freshly machine-made almond milk for the same price as bottled milk in stores. Indeed, it is the marchine that grinds in front of your eyes the almonds, mix them with filtered water and maple syrup if the customer chooses to add a sweetener. The process is very fast, less than 30 seconds! The startup claims that by reducing the number of steps between raw material and the finished product, the company generates less unnecessary waste.

Amazon Go in a vending machine

VICKI is an IOT self-service payment solution for retail. Imagine Amazon Go in an ATM: you swipe your credit card to open the machine door and you take what you want. Everything will be deducted in a single invoice on your card, the products taken having been recognized thanks to computer vision technology.

Refill your household products

The Chilean startup Algramo offers vending machines for household products (bleach bottles for example) in public spaces in the city of NYC. The consumer recharges his product with the desired quantity. The machine also indicates that by this gesture the consumer saves the planet and indicates the number of plastic bags avoided with this refill. But the innovation is to have linked the 10% reduction with each new refill to the packaging and the machine. Indeed, RFID chips have been integrated, so we have an intelligent packaging that is no longer forgotten by the consumer because it is the bearer of the activation of the reduction.

The vending machine for NFT

The NFT Neon platform has opened the world’s first NFT vending machine. Open 24/24, the vending machine allows you to use any payment method to buy a small box, which has a unique code for an NFT that can be exchanged on the Neon platform.

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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