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To satisfy your coffee addiction, subscribe to Urban Coffee Club

Matthieu JOLLY
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If you are a coffee lover, feel free to subscribe to the Urban Coffee Club for €27.99 per month. In return, you can taste as much quality coffee as you want from the service partners.

The fact

For all coffee-loving consumers, the Bonaverde startup just launched last September at the Berlin Urban Coffee Club, a subscription package that allows you to enjoy unlimited coffee!

Once the application is downloaded, the customer must choose between one of the three subscription options available. For €6.99 per week, he gets a free black coffee per day. For three more euros, or €9.99 per week, he can enjoy as much coffee as he wants every day of the week, or as much as he can, but with a limit of one drink per partner corner. In the case of a monthly subscription, this formula costs him only €27.99 per month.

At the heart of the system is a network of more than 120 corners: restaurant, independent coffee, store, bookshop, art gallery, concert hall or yoga studio… Any place welcoming the public can become a partner. The only constraint: being able to offer the customer the opportunity to taste a quality coffee.

To guarantee the quality of the tasting, Bonaverde provides each of its corners with a specialty coffee freshly roasted by itself or by local and independent roasters such as 19 grams, Kaffeekirsche ou Bonanza. To ensure that coffee lovers come back regularly, the company changes the coffee delivered to the partner every week, but always by selecting beans from small local producers.

As a member of the Urban Coffee Club, once his subscription has been paid, he can visit one of the partner corners. From the application, it can easily be selected according to its location, the opinions of other customers but also the origin of the coffee offered this week. Once inside the shop, all he has to do is identify himself by scanning the QR code on the counter with his application. Recognized, he can then ask the waiter for his free coffee.

Sustainable transformation of the coffee industry

From the pioneer Birchbox to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Peloton, the business model of the wind subscription is on the rise and is transforming the business in a sustainable way by perpetuating the relationship between the economic actor and his customer.

Since its creation, the Bonaverde startup has made it its mission to transform the coffee industry in a sustainable way by developing the first machine that roasts, grinds and pours a coffee in less than fifteen minutes. Then, it attacked intermediaries to offer small producers, previously selected, to sell their green coffee beans directly to consumers via a marketplace.

By launching Urban Coffee Club, the startup now unites around it an ecosystem including consumers, roasters and partner sales outlets. If the objective on the customer’s side is to reduce their bill while enjoying a quality coffee for each cup, roasters are looking to develop their reputation among coffee lovers. At the same time, corner stores are seeing their traffic increase thanks to customer support.

If the Urban Coffee Club ecosystem seems relevant to everyone, its success will obviously depend on the startup’s ability to recruit a large subscriber base to achieve its objective: to disrupt coffee consumption.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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