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Become an organ donor by buying a vintage jacket!

Matthieu JOLLY
3 minutes

Beyond Retro

You agree to give your organs in case of death but you are not registered on the donor list? In this case, go buy a garment at Beyond Retro, detach the label The Organ Donor Price Tag, fill it and put it in your wallet.

You are now an organ donor!


Since 2002, Beyond Retro has been selling vintage clothing in its British and Swedish boutiques. If the brand buys from charities collecting garments all over the world, it also recycles some of the clothes they buy. Indeed, out of a thousand items purchased, only one can be immediately put up for sale. Ninety-nine others are supported by the designers of the brand and then passed into the hands of fashion designers to be recycled and marketed under the LABEL range.


In fact, convinced by the benefits of recycling, Beyond Retro recycles absolutely everything that comes into its outlets: clothing, bulbs, packaging boxes, labels … but now also customers!

Etiquette de prix

Indeed, while 85% of Swedes agree to become organ donors, only 15% of them are actually registered on the country’s official donor list.

Thus, to help the latecomers to take the step, the sign has set up a simple and effective mechanics. Once the client has bought his clothes, he simply detaches the organ donor card from the price tag to complete it with his name, first name and signature. This card now slipped into his wallet, he is now officially an organ donor.

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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