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Extend your holiday from your sofa

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For those who are already back from vacation or those who have not yet left, the Exchanger team is thinking of you! Travel from home by (re)discovering these four companies around the world that offer ever more innovative experiences.

Kakao: the new South Korean technological giant!

Founded ten years ago, Kakao messenger (Kakao Corp), a simple mobile messaging operator, has today become one of the most major groups in South Korea. No less than 93% of Korean smartphones are equipped with the KakaoTalk application, i.e. 46 million users out of 52 million inhabitants in …

Glossier mixes a trendy shop with an efficient customer journey

With its concept of an instagramable point of sale where the customer becomes an influencer, this American cosmetics brand secures a continuous flow of potential buyers who are sure to be converted by a successful customer journey. For its first store outside the United States, the cosmetics brand …

Wilson sporting goods, enjoy a sports shopping experience

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois and founded in 1913. Wilson manufactures equipment for many sports including baseball, badminton, football, basketball, golf, football, tennis or volleyball. The brand recently opened

The largest experiential store OnePlus opens in Bangalore

OnePlus Boulevard is the brand new experiential store that opened its doors last February in Bangalore, India. This Chinese tech giant was born on the internet, its first sales in India were via Amazon and only by invitation! Since then, it has had unparalleled success in India and wants to get closer to

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