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It’s on now!

Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio are now in Lisbon. Like every year, they cover, from November 1 to 4, the Web Summit!

The Web Summit is the event that brings together the greatest web speakers. If last year’s edition, we counted more than 1000 speakers, more than 1250 startups and 40 000 participants from more than 170 countries, this 2022 edition go one step higher, since it gathers more than 70,000 visitors as well as the companies that are redefining the technology industry.

High-profile speakers at the Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, November 1st

This is the first day at the Web Summit 2022 Edition, for our 2 experts, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio, direct live from Lisbon! In a nutshell, there were more than 70 000 visitors, more than 5 000 startups, high profiles keynote speakers on stage, such as CZ (Changpeng Zhao) the cofounder of Binance or Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine… They talked about Creative AI, Metaverse, NFT or Cybersecurity. to name a few. Also Apple announced that they will be carbon neutral by 2030 including for its products and its suppliers.

Bonus of the day !

Exclusive interview of the president of the Mozilla Foundation, Mark Surman : his vision on Web3, Metaverse, NFTs

Major focus on generative AI on this 2nd day

Wednesday, November 2nd

After the opening ceremony yesterday, this is the 2nd day at the Websummit 2022 Edition, for our 2 experts, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio, direct live from Lisbon!

On the menu, we noticed the upcoming trend of digital content generation thanks to AI generative. It can for example can turn text into creative content. This concept has been illustrated of course by Midjourney, this summer, or by a startup called Hechicer-ai seen on the Web Summit. We also discovered that the fashion industry is being disrupted with virtual fashion provided by as well as which creates avatars acting as sales advisors for e-commerce websites.

As you saw earlier, Nicolas Diacono had the chance to interview Mark Surman, President of the Mozilla Foundation to get his vision on the metaverse, NFTs, as well as Web3.

Finally our experts attented to the conference of Shein. Shein explained that they now offer a second hand market place for fast fashion goods… See you tomorrow for another debriefing !

Gaming : Play to video games to earn cryptos 🙂
Mobility : Recharging your e-car in 5 minutes and get 160 km autonomy

Thursday, November 3rd

For this 3rd day at WebSummit, our two experts are focusing on cars and gaming, two key topics of this show!

Indeed, many startups at the show offer blockchain-based video games. which rewards the best players in cryptocurrency. It is this still decried phenomenon that is called play to earn.

As for mobility, the big focus is on powering all these new electric vehicles… Guillaume Rio has identified two startups offering very interesting solutions to meet this challenge.
The first SonoMotors, offers very discreet solar collectors placed on the vehicle which make it possible to obtain up to 50km of autonomy in town! Moreover, 40,000 vehicles have already been pre-ordered from the startup for the European and American markets.

The 2nd, Store-dot, allows you to recharge your vehicle with an autonomy of 100 miles, or about 160 km, in just 5 minutes. A great technological feat!
See you soon for the latest debrief from our experts live from the Lisbon Web Summit!

Web3.0, Microbiota and Digital Twins for this final debriefing

Friday, November 4th

For this last day at the Web Summit, our experts will give you a summary from Lisbon airport of the key points to remember from this 2022 edition.

The focus this year has clearly been on Web3.0. A concept that remains to be democratized. This is what startups like Arianee and DappRadar are trying to do. When will there be a great Web3.0 app like WeChat, which was clearly the Web2.0 app.

Finally, two small favourites: the first, Biomes, focuses on health, since it analyzes the microbiota to propose solutions for better health. The second, Motesque, which offers a digital twin to buy online, with your eyes closed, products that will be adapted to your morphology.
That’s all for this year!
To go further, register for the webinar dedicated to WebSummit 2022, Thursday, November 10 proposed by our 2 experts!

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