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Tech Tour Viva Technology 2022


It’s already over!

Viva Technology, this year again took place in Paris in format hybrid!

VivaTech is the largest European event that brings together startups and the biggest technological innovations. The fair opened its doors from June 15 to 18, 2022.

An unmissable event for global Tech, both for professionals and the general public. The flagship event stands out for its ability to bring great collaborators groups and startups and to harmoniously mix business challenges and discovery of innovations.

What’s planned this year? Floor tours, startup interviews, expert presentations, daily debriefs.

For this edition have come together: 149 countries ★ 400 speakers ★ 28,000 startups!

6th edition of Viva Technology 2022

The VivaTech show, considered by some to be the during the CES in the USA, received over 4 days more than91,000 international visitors from 30 different countries and more than 2,000 exhibitors. It is an event that aims to reposition Europe on the world stage of innovative and technological success. As proof, more and more start-ups in Europe are becoming unicorns, i.e. 283 companies valued at more than one billion dollars (4 times more than in 2014) including 29 French. President Macron, present on Friday, launched the objective of reaching at least 100 French unicorns by 2030.

For this 6th edition, the experts of the Echangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance covered and organized for BNP Paribas, the group’s partner brands as well as the members of the Club Echangeur more than 25 Floor Tours in the heart of the aisles of the show in search of the technological nuggets of tomorrow. We share some of them with you below:

L’Echangeur live on VivaTech, let’s go for the show!

Wednesday, June 15: First day at VivaTech !

For this 1st debrief Nicolas and Guillaume share their impressions of the VivaTech 2022 show

This year the startups exhibiting are mostly European and there are many French startups. The main themes of this show are: the metaverse, the nfts, Green, BioTech… discover the other themes in this video…  
Our expert Nicolas Diacono focuses on Cycle Wash, a startup, which offers a laundromat that in 3 minutes and for 10€ washes your electric Bike. 

Discover also 2 startupss METAV.RS and BlockBar presented by Nicolas!
Enjoy !

Thursday, June 16: Second day, Web3 and customer relations!

For this second day on VivaTech, the experts went in search of treasures.

The main topic addressed by Elisabeth in this debrief is Web3, with 2 start-ups that didn’t wait long to dive into it. These start-ups are Potions and Retency ! Potions offers to personalize websites and the user journey without using cookies. Retency, crosses databases of consumers while preserving their anonymity.

Guillaume talks about customer relations which is also in the focus during this VivaTech 2022 edition with 2 start-ups, ShowCase which improves the relationship between a remote seller and a customer. Find out how in this new debrief and don’t miss the company Wanna, which offers an incredible augmented reality service.

Friday, June 17: crypto and life science!

For this 3rd and final debrief of VivaTech 2022.

Focus of Nicolas on 2 start-ups that use life science, life and biology to change the game and respond to environmental and climate issues. First Synovance start-up, which uses synthetic biology to produce dyes for the textile or cosmetics industry. Second Algama start-up, which uses microalgae to replace eggs, in pastry recipes, etc… The objective is to respond to many issues explained by Nicolas in this debrief.

Finally, discover Elisabeth’s two finds: Sakowin and PayInnov!

Feedback on this 2022 edition:

The Web3

The Web3, (crypto, metaverse, blockchain, NFT…), which is driving the world crazy was widely highlighted during this 2022 edition of Viva Tech.

As an example, the Metaverse, which since the beginning of 2022 has generated more than $120 billion in investment, has found its most visible incarnation on the stand of the Meta group (ex-Facebook), which demonstrated the possibilities of Metavers for meetings with friends and professional meetings (on Horizon Workrooms) via Metaquest 2 virtual headsets (Oculus).

They look human, are supposed to behave like humans and interact with us, but they are avatars, no it’s not science fiction, they were present on the BNP Paribas stand. Deepbrain AI (partner of the ‘ECHANGEUR) is the most advanced company in the creation of intelligent and conversational avatars in the world until multiplying its new virtual agents in multiple sectors such as retail (Seven Eleven), the bank (KB Kookmin Bank) or the telephony sector (Deutsche Telecom). On the stand it was possible to converse with our human-sized ‘Human avatar’ called ‘Paris’!

The young French company offers brands to create their own virtual world to integrate directly from their site. This solution makes it possible to support brands, retailers, etc. in a simple and visible way for their customers in already existing metaverses such as Decentraland or The Sandbox.

For its part, the Australian company Everledger combining very advanced product identification technologies (RFID, NFT, laser engraving, etc.) which are almost medico-legal and rely on the blockchain platform can create a digital twin of the product. This approach makes it possible to replace paper certification processes with a blockchain register. Ultimately, the customer at the end of the chain can, via an application on his smartphone, have an objective view of the entire history of his purchase and benefit from his service extension in the Metaverse.


While the pandemic has generalized the advent of e-commerce, the first repercussion is the growth in parcel deliveries which exploded and it is not without a certain impact on our carbon emissions or the saturation of the road network.

To face these new challenges, the French platform Welco has brought together private individuals, trusted neighbours who are paid (0.50 to 1 euro per package) to receive the package when you are absent. To date there are more than 50,000 registered neighbors “Welcoeurs”, a growth of 100% in 2021! In a year and a half of existence, it has ensured the recovery of some 300,000 parcels.

In the same sector and on the same issue, the young company MidiPile Mobility has set itself the ambition of decarbonizing last mile logistics. For this, it has created a hybrid vehicle halfway between the cargo bike and the microcar intended primarily for urban territories and peri-urban areas, where delivery is usually made by thermal van. The load capacity is 300 kilos.

The Foodtech

By 2030, 40% more protein will need to be produced to meet planetary needs. Traditional agriculture will not be able to allow this, but science is advancing in many areas to meet this demand.

The production of animal protein by cell culture will change the agricultural world. According to the University of Oxford, this new agriculture will require 90% less agricultural land, will consume between 7% and 45% less energy and will produce 78% less greenhouse gases. The impact is clear!

The production of proteins can also come from the world of insects. The French start-up Ynsect produces food for animal farms or for human beings from the breeding of insects. The production of one kilo of insect protein requires 100 times less agricultural land and 25% less energy. water than to produce one kilo of animal meat.

An ideal ecological balance in the face of the challenge of feeding 10 billion human beings by 2050. In addition, insects have real nutritional qualities as with the beetle. This insect, made up of 72% protein, has omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. A boon for human and animal nutrition.

If until today, seaweed was consumed either as a seasoning for pasta or salads, the French start-up Algama Foods created in 2013 decided to produce a powder based on microalgae capable of replacing animal proteins. It now makes it possible to create the eggs needed to make mayonnaise, brioches or cookies. They are currently working on the manufacture of vegetable tuna which would have the same texture and the same energy intake as the originals.

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