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Tech Tour NRF 2023 – New York

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Coming soon,

Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio will be in New York from January 15 to 17 to walk the aisles of the NRF 2023!

This is the international meeting for retailers from all over the world to draw inspiration from future retail trends: in-store innovations, logistics, shopstreaming, impact of hyper-digitalization trade, discovery of new store concepts, cutting-edge technology…!

What’s planned this year: floor tours, interviews and daily debriefs.

For wait:

Do you want to visit the show?

Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono offer you a half-day on January 17 to visit the show with them.

The visits are specially dedicated to members of the Club.

All registration information and links to attend the tours are available at our Club Echangeur platform.

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