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Tech Tour NRF 2023 – New York


Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio are in New York from January 15 to 17 to walk the aisles of the NRF 2023!

This is the international meeting for retailers from all over the world to draw inspiration from future retail trends: in-store innovations, logistics, shopstreaming, impact of hyper-digitalization trade, discovery of new store concepts, cutting-edge technology…!

What’s planned this year: floor tours, interviews and daily debriefs.

To check out our teaser, it’s here 🙂

Day 1 of the Tech Tour NRF 2023

On this first day, our experts spoke metaverse, with the Roblox gaming and socialization platform, NFTs, with a conference on their use by brands!

Watch the debrief of the 1st day :

Special interviews

For the first interview, meet Kate Ancktil, CEO and founder of GDR. She explains us what “the end of abundance” means for her and in terms of retail and business.

Listen to her interview:

Back on the NRFrench Party!!! The winners are…

Our experts had the chance to attend the famous NRFrench Party. Here is a quick debriefing of the event and the winners of the awards!

Day 2 of the Tech Tour NRF 2023

For this second day here are the points to remember:

  • A focus on drone delivery because Wallmart deploys 36 drone delivery hubs in the USA.
  • Retail becomes very precise with computer vision: inventory management, product scans, automatic bulk management
  • Google launches into retail with in particular inventory solutions

Will the new commerce be guided by computer vision and automation? 

Day 3 of the Tech Tour NRF 2023

For this last debrief from the NRF, we find our two experts Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio accompanied by Clotilde Chevenoy, Editor in chief of the magazine Retail Republik.
If we were to take only the essentials, it would be:
1) there is no breakthrough innovation on this 2023 edition. Virtual commerce is starting to be more present and more concessional.
2) we have entered the age of sensors, as there are sensors everywhere in the service of commerce. Also the Generative AI will change the game and impact retail in the future.
3) Eco-responsible shopping is almost not addressed on the show… which is disappointing and worrying when we know the climate issues we face…

See you soon for the global debriefing in France on Thursday, Januray, 26th



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