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Tech Tour NRF 2022 Retail’s Big Show


Meet us for the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2022 on January 16th, live from New York!

While waiting for our debriefs, we let you discover a little teaser in the video below:

New York Stores – Day 0

Before heading to the NRF Retail’s Big Show, we had time to explore the latest stores in New York. After visiting about thirty stores, we share with you our best of. Put your seat belt on and let’s start the tour!

Debrief – Day 1

First day, first debrief! Between the virtual worlds of the metaverse and automation technologies, we attended some interesting conferences that retailers really appreciated by the way! On the supply chain side, customers are always expecting a fast delivery after ordering their products online, companies have then set up some micro-fulfillment centers… Check out the video to find out more!

Debrief – Day 2

For this second debrief, we are pleased to welcome a special guest: Mike Hadjadj, founder of and “sponsor” of French Tech at the NRF show. Mirakl, Contentsquare, Alkemics, SimpliField or Exotec, you may know these French start-ups whose success is now well established!

Debrief – Day 3

Last day and therefore last debrief for the NRF 2022!
Eco-responsibility is at the heart of this debrief with the weak actions taken by retailers in New York on future climate issues. E-commerce, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio share with you companies that have developed technologies to avoid returning products for major problems.
And finally, it is possible to pass an object from the real world into a virtual world! Our experts explain all this to you in the video!

Start-ups interviews

We reveal our favorite start-ups through this series of video interviews during the NRF 2022: Exotec, DroneDek, Emersya, Mashgin… Click on the video down below to start the playlist!

Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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