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Elisabeth Menant and Matthieu Jolly were in Berlin from September 2 to 6 for the show IFA Berlin!

IFA Berlin is the largest European trade fair dedicated to new technologies and innovative products and is held from 6 to 11 September 2022. A must-attend event for retailers, buyers and all industry and media experts. 

In 2019, the show welcomed: 230,000 visitors, 1,930 partners and more than 5,000 media representatives!

On program this year: floor tours and daily debriefs.

L’Echangeur live on IFA Berlin

Monday September 5: first day at IFA Berlin!

For this first IFA debriefing, Elisabeth shares her first impressions of this consumer electronics show.

This year, the IFA is focused on the theme of sustainable development vs the Voice Commerce in 2019. The innovations are less spectacular than in previous years, but to teleport you to the show, the atmosphere is very pleasant in the aisles with a young audience looking to discover the many gaming areas present on this 2022 edition!

Discover in video the main questions addressed in this edition.

Tuesday September 6: Focus on economical household appliances and health!

In this second debrief, Elisabeth returns to the Samsung brand which ultimately concentrates the majority of the innovations of this edition and in particular on the theme of sustainable development with the ambition of becoming the leader in low-power household electronics. Also new in the gaming sector with the demonstration of a screen that can be positioned vertically and horizontally for even better immersion. And finally the discovery of holographic video projectors which offer the possibility of projecting everywhere and on many surfaces. This leaves the possibility to the consumer to place it according to his needs.

Second very marked theme this year: health! Many brands are present this year such as Garmin, Withings, around thirty Korean start-ups oriented around the health and prevention.

Discover what’s new in the video!

Interviews of Startups at IFA 2022

The main interest of visiting a tradeshow like IFA is to get close to innovative startups. Elisabeth and Matthieu have spotted 3 gold nuggets for you. Mathia, the founder of an educative software solution to learn maths, Daan Tech, that offer well beautifully designed and sustainable home appliances. Bo the dishwasher is their first product, or Timekettle, the automatic translator base on AI.

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