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Tech Tour Hello Tomorrow 2021


For the first time, Echangeur experts participated physically in the Hello Tomorrow trade fair. Last year, this event was 100% digital, this year towards Paris!

The 7th edition of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit took place from December 2 and 3, 2021. This fair brings together the best in the world in terms of “Deep Tech”. Faced with the challenges facing our planet, the participants in the show, whether they come from the world of business, startups, universities, etc. are looking for simple and effective solutions to solve them.

Today, Deep Techs impact our daily lives and deal with subjects such as foodtech, energy transition, regenerative industries, intelligent mobility, space travel, quantum physics, synthetic biology or even revolutions around health!

On deck during the event, the Echangeur experts have shared with you their key lessons on a daily basis, the startups to follow and this, while presenting on the BNP Paribas internship their vision of the future around trade and the climate crisis, DNA and retail, but also health and mobility.

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Débriefing 1

Débriefing 2

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