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Here we are!

Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio are in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January to walk the aisles of CES 2023 !

At the Consumer Electronic Show, you can find new technologies and innovations that will define the future in many areas such as automotive, health and connected sports , smart home, metavers, cryptocurrencies or NFTs!

This CES 2023 edition, will host the Autonomous Challenge CES on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

On program this year: floor tours, interviews and daily debriefs.


Debrief – Media day

Sustainable development, electric mobility on the oceans, and Sony to conquer the automotive industry

Our 2 experts, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume are in Las Vegas at the 2023 edition of the famous Consumer Electronic Show. They attended to the media days. They share with us the key takeaways:

  • Hyundai announced its Brunswick project and its focus on oceanic mobility with electric boat.
  • Sony is definitely becoming a car manufacturer with its new car brand Afeela (co built with Honda and Qualcomm)
  • Big focus on sustainability from all major tech giants (Panasonic, LG or Samsung)

See you tomorrow for the first day in the aisles of the show!

Debrief – Day 1: Web3, Health in Korea and genetically modified plants as air purifiers!

Here we go! The first “real” day of #CES23 is in full swing in Las Vegas and our experts were able to tour (or almost) the 2200 exhibitors present on the show. More than 100,000 visitors attended to discover the latest innovations.

Nicolas Diacono, headed to Tech West in Venitian to discover, among others, the Web3 village dedicated to the Web3 economy, a new social network “KO” and genetically modified plants to purify the air in the rooms.

For Guillaume Rio, it’s a focus on health with a whole bunch of connected objects, like connected toilets, capable of performing urine tests for example. This is also the niche taken by Cazzle, a company that aims to centralize all the health data of Koreans and to know in real time, the various health indicators of users.

Debrief – Day 2: Cars will be like iPhones, and gaming will be clearly onboard!

Focus on the car industry for this 3rd live debriefing of the CES 2023 in Las Vegas. We discovered the most innovative concept cars. The big trend is precisely around in-vehicle entertainment with the predominant place of gaming. We can for example play Rocket League inside Sony’s Afeela cars, especially when it charges. The same goes for Hyundai with Nvidia.
At the CES, nearly 40% of tech players invest in the automotive industry. Vehicles will be considered as devices that will be updated regularly, like iPhones. This is the war between historical auto players and new tech entrants.

Debrief – Day 3: It’s time for a quick summary…

It’s already time to take stock of this 2023 edition of the CES in Las Vegas. Our experts, like the other 130,000 visitors, walked the aisles of the Convention Center and met the 3,300 exhibitors and startups present. Here’s what they remember:

  • We find an edition that resumes the pre-COVID crisis habits.
  • Korea is leading the way in the field of healthcare, notably with the Lotte Group, which aims to centralize Korean health data collected through connected objects.
  • The big debate on the automobile is launched, with many alliances between tech and industrialists. The issue is now the collection of data.
  • Generative AI is the main absent from the salon
  • Heart-throb for the MindBank mobile app that analyzes our emotional states to create digital twins that can extend our lives in the virtual world. 

Stay tuned for the Tech Tour at NRF in New York city which starts in a few days!

You want to visit the show?

Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono offer you to visit the NRF show for half day with them on January 17th

The visits are available for Club members.

All the information to register are available on the Echangeur’s club platform

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