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Store Tour Amsterdam 2022


The Echangeur is on its way to Amsterdam!

From May 19 to 20, 2022, Elisabeth MENANT and Matthieu JOLLY will be in Amsterdam!

What’s planned? A tour of the most innovative stores and the interview of 4 startups from the accelerator StartupBootCamp!

Watch the video with the highlights and soon you’ll find out more about the 4 startups as well as the overall debrief of the store tour that should not be missed…
Enjoy the tour!

4 innovative startups accelerated by StartupBootCamp

To wait!

The Lynk & Co

Why buy a car if you don’t drive a lot? The Sino-Swedish brand offers you to rent it … then sublet it when you don’t need it. A disruptive approach perfectly embodied by the Clubs, a thousand miles from the car dealerships of the past century.

Amsterdam – 4 stores

Action, Hema, Picnic, Rituals… the Dutch brands have been coming to France in force for several years now.
However, few French brands go the opposite way to Amsterdam to discover points of sale and digital stores.


Startupbootcamp is a global family of industry-focused programs which helps early-stage tech startups founders grow their businesses rapidly. During the Commerce 2020 program scouting process, the focus was on the customer of the future.

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